hyper realism


Extremely Realistic Drawings of Everyday Objects

Italian artist Marcello Barenghi draws incredibly realistic everyday objects that appear almost three dimensional with the help of colored pencils and occasional enhancements using markers or watercolor. Barenshi applies a unique style that sets these apart from similar drawings that are meant to ‘trick’ a viewer. His use of color and dimension are so precise, the objects look removable from the page.



Incredible Hyper Realistic Paintings

These amazing photograph-like paintings could easily fool anyone, even with a most discerning eye. Patrick Kramer studied art at Brigham Young University in his home state of Utah. There he continued to focus on realism, improving his technical skills and craftsmanship. Becoming more and more detailed, his work began to rival that of the photograph.

“I came to realize that the appeal of representational painting since the advent of photography is due in a large part to the painting process. Although the image itself may come to resemble an ordinary photograph, a psychological intensity can be felt in the handmade work, as the artist’s laboriously slow method, intense concentration, and myriad of artistic decisions lie behind the creation of the image. In my work, I hope the viewer senses this tension between photography and the handmade – the instantaneous and the prolonged, the ubiquitous and the unique, the impartial and the personal.”

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