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Ok, but Gregg is actually a squirrel, not a fox

*this is based around the idea that the “hole at the center of everything” and the “god” are representations of Mae’s dissociation and depression  / products of the hallucinogen, and that the cult is either derived from the tooth cult or branched off earlier during the mine conflicts as a separate entity*

 Evidence: So we learn when Mae goes to the library with Bea that the dreams she’s having are (most likely) caused by gas being released from the sink holes near her house (or her house is one of the old miner houses mentioned in the paper)

We now know the “dream world” is a figment of her subconscious, occupied by her stray thoughts about the events going on in her life (ex. the first dream where she has the bat she used to beat Andy Cullen with, along with the word “killer”- the nickname she was given after the event)

She’s currently unsure/ scared of being back in town and how her old friends will accept her, hence she dreams of each of them




Andy Cullen ( who she “broke” with her bat in the first dream) or the statue pointing at her in college :

Herself(more likely) or Casey:

That leaves us with only Gregg left, who, by process of elimination has to be the end figure in the astral coal dream. A figure the player can easily make out as a squirrel


Being a squirrel matches both his personality and behavior possibly even better than being a fox would

After all Fox= sly, CRIMES, 

while squirrel = hyper, excited easily, moves/ expresses themselves through movement, CRIMES

What do you guys think? 

ok, but could you imagine the tail

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Suga: Our teammates are?
Kageyama: …everyone is undeniably strong.
Hinata: “As long as I’m here, you’re invincible.”  Right?!
Kageyama: Of course!!!

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Bad Ideas | Yuta

Genre: bartender!au | comedy

Main star: Yuta / Reader

Word count: 2 760

Warnings: Language

“Bad ideas make the best memories.” The bartender in front of you shrugged while he filled your glass with another shot of saqué.  You were drinking that specific type of alcohol because he suggested and, well, why not? The week has been bad enough and you just needed to forget it as a whole. Also, the guy serving you was pretty much handsome and his face made you ignore the fact that you ex-boyfriend was in the same club as you.

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They take your child/children out in public alone for the first time (IKON)

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Y/S/N: your son’s name

B.I: - he could understand why you normally came home exhausted, your son was a hyper and constantly moving which kept Hanbin on his feet. Well until they got to a buffet and Hanbin brought him food, he sat still and enjoyed being served- “good to know you can calm down when foods an option”

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Jinhwan: -your daughter wouldn’t let her hold her. She kept tripping and falling which worried him. She wasn’t skilled at all with walking yet. Every time she looked at him he smiled at her though as she continued her little journey- please don’t hurt yourself too much baby girl"

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Bobby: -it was understandable why your son couldn’t leave you because he still needed you to feed him but now that he was 6 months Bobby gladly took him out by himself without any trouble- “we got this Y/S/N, we needed a man’s day out”

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Junhoe: -he would take his daughter to the store to get groceries and she would end up picking up different foods and toys she wanted and of course he had a hard time telling his daughter no- “you’re so spoiled little one. Its all because you’re so cute Y/D/N”

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Yunhyeong: -he came home worn out as your twin sons kept him on his feet. Wanting to go different ways and fighting one another. He worried about how you got anything done with them- “they don’t agree on like anything. How do you buy food? They wanted different snacks from different stores. I need your powers”  

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Donghyuk: -he took your little 1 ½ year old dress shopping. He was so happy squealing as he made her try them on and overly enjoying it- “you are just so cute. How am I so lucky?”

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Chanwoo: -he realized he over packed for his daughter. Everything he needed was buried under toys and blankets it the diaper bag but soon realized he needed a bottle, blanket, diapers, and a pacifier and that was it for her- “I have such a simple baby. How did I get that lucky?”

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man i thought was gonna get into taz and it was gonna be my Next Big Fandom™ but my brain cannot fu c ki ng .. . handle such big breaks in content so i like. forgot what almost everything is when i was listening to the last episode :///

Michael Clifford - Homesick

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Word Count: 6.1k+

Rating: Smut

Requested: Yes, by anon

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Little Ham Man (Epilogue)

Words: 5784

Warnings: Cursing, dramatic people

A/N: I am finally finished! after endless hours of working on his, its complete! thank you all for this, and if you have any questions lmk! This is the last piece to Little Ham Man, so it might be confusing if you don’t read the others! 


You fell back onto the ground, a force knocking you off your feet. You cursed, looking at all of your papers fly in the wind. The person, a man with brown hair, looked at you apologetically, saying sorry’s over and over again.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, no biggie,” You said to him, helping him pick up the papers.

After the two of you were done, you stood back up, getting a good glance at him. He wasn’t the tallest fellow you’ve met, but he was still handsome. He looked nervous, rubbing the back of his hair.

“I know this is weird to say, but I noticed from your papers that you were taking a history course. Anything in particular?”

“Nah, I’m kind of all over. You know, being a history major and all. But so far, my favorite is U.S. History, particularly the revolution, ya know?” The both of you began walking, chatting to one another. He seemed kind, but rather hyper, his hands moving in wide circles as he spoke.

His eyes brightened at your words, “Really? Well, I’ve been working on this project about the founding father. Know a man named Alexander Hamilton?”

“Well, since you mention it…” You held up your fifty-page essay, “I know a little bit too much about the shithead. He’s my favorite. Oh, I’m so sorry, I completely forgot to introduce myself,” You held out your hand, “The name’s Y/N.”

He laughed, “Lin-Manuel Miranda, But most people just call me Lin.”

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Astro Reaction: to you and him going into a haunted house.

MJ (Myungjun) :

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You two would enter terrified and leave scarred for life. Both of you would jump at any noises, even if you made them yourselves. The darkness would seem like it was following and enclosing the two of you throughout your journey through the hallways of the house. Eventually the two of you would bolt to leave swearing never again to do something so stupid. You would pamper each other afterwards only thinking happy thoughts and doing happy things. It suited the two of you more anyways.


Jinjin (Jinwoo) :

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He was scared, no doubt about it. You didn’t notice though because he was superb at hiding it. You would be holding his hand, screaming and jumping at anything that didn’t seem normal. He would flinch and jump a little too at all your actions, however you would be too preoccupied to notice. When you begged to leave he would be really thankful. It would give you a false sense of security though, as you would make him watch horror movies with you as a result. Eventually he would tell you the truth and it would end up becoming a fond memory.


Eunwoo (Dongmin) :

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You and he were both scared as you entered the building. The old gothic furniture and designs creating a haunting atmosphere that neither of you had been prepared for. Despite this the two of you were each other’s support throughout the entire journey. You would talk make jokes, do anything to get both your minds of the worst and it worked. Afterwards it would be something you two remembered with fondness and often laughed about. It had become a bonding moment that had allowed you two to further your relationship, surprisingly.



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He didn’t mind haunted houses, not because he wasn’t scared but because he was only scared of certain things. If he experienced or saw something that didn’t terrify him he would be okay. That’s why as you two had walked through the building and he hadn’t shown any sing of distress you had been very impressed. Until you two had found a room full of spiders and then both of you freaked out. Granted you two had run out fast, laughing and tripping along the way. Despite everything it hadn’t been too bad.


Rocky (Minhyuk) :

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He would act really manly and totally unaffected when you two entered the abandoned building. Despite the eerie sounds and oddly shaped shadows somehow he didn’t seem scared one bit. You were holding onto his arm tightly however your nerves on another level. It wasn’t until you two did the ghost tour and heard about all the horrible and scary things that he too got a little unnerved. He didn’t like messing with the past and spirits like that. You two had immediately left and just opted for horror movies. Granted nothing much changed but at least you were comfortable – well he was.



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You thought he had become a statue. He looked more terrified than you when you both entered. His eyes were wide and hyper, continuously moving and observing the surroundings in every room. It made you feel a little safe in a strange way, if anything were to happen his calculating eyes would probably catch it. However you both had ended up screaming and running throughout the house, until you saw the exit. The two of you couldn’t have been happier. You two never mentioned horror or scary dates again deciding that picnic dates were definitely more your thing.

A/N: Thank you to @phantaysia for saving me. 

RFA + V/Unknown/Vanderwood reaction to going through surgery with Surgeon!MC

N/A: My first headcanon ever. Hope you guys enjoy. I was inspired into writing this due to playing from several surgery video games. Requests are now open!


· MC’s assistants will get distracted, admiring the Great Zen to her dismay.

· Will distract himself with small talk to keep fear at bay.

· MC and him will end up conversing throughout the surgery despite Zen getting drowsy from being sedated.

· Until Zen starts admiring himself in his sleeping trance, and your assistants happily comply to his gibbering.

· MC will get annoyed from time to time but is used to Zen’s narcissism.

· She gently tapes his mouth to shut him.


· Is practically scared for his life.

· Looking at the medical equipments nervously and wondered if it will be the end of him.

· He’ll shiver like a lost chihuahua.

· Lots of comfort and reassurance from MC.

· Will feel relieved and has an urge to hug MC but couldn’t. Poor boy.

· Will beg MC with puppy eyes, pouty lips, and say, “Please, make it less painful.”

· This results in having MC’s beast unleashed, but had to refrain from doing so since Yoosung’s life is on the line.

· Is happy that nothing went wrong.


· Is really nervous but trusts MC wholeheartedly.

· Cannot see MC properly from having her glasses removed so she imagines ‘things’ about MC.

· Novice MC is nervous too and Jaehee ends up comforting and encouraging her.

· Both will fangirl about an upcoming movie premiere of Zen.

· From time to time, Jaehee will ask simple surgery-related questions despite being drowsy.

· Novice surgeon is now relaxed by Jaehee’s humming.

· Will congratulate MC on her first surgery job afterwards.


· Too distracted in hearing and looking at MC to care about the painful experience.

· Will blabber embarrassing yet fluffy compliments (A.K.A MC Worshipping Time) to MC in his drowsy state.

· His cheesy pickup lines will make MC’s assistants want to tease her to death.

· Is not afraid to grab on any medical equipments near him with the purpose of injuring someone if one of MC’s assistants intimately touch her with his/her filthy hands.

· Professional surgeon is reluctant into engaging Doctor X Patient foreplay with her assistants around. Kinky Jumin is disappointed but hides it well .

· Will use his gap moe-ness and other tactics to get more of MC’s attention and love.

· Later on, he’ll use power and wealth into owning the hospital MC works at.


· Had already hacked into the main system of the hospital before getting admitted.

· MC’s assistants are annoyed by his constant trolling and pranks.

· Will play dead or intentionally injure himself, making the procedure last for 2 days straight.

· He’s too hyper and moves a lot to everyone’s horror.

· Manage to get himself into her assistants’ blacklist but sucks on them because he’s the Defender of Justice, lolol!

· Tired MC knocks the life out of the trolling lord.

· A 360 turn and he’s a different person . He’d definitely threaten MC’s assistants into making their lives a living hell if they lay a finger on/hurt his angel with a ‘sweet’ smile.


· Despite being in his calm composure, he’s internally panicking.

· Upset that he can’t properly see her so he relies on human contact and her intoxicating scent instead.

· MC has a habit of sneaking glances at his relaxed face during the procedure.

· They talk about their past, present, and future like old wrinkling people.

· Practicing his marriage proposal to MC by accident in his drowsy state.

· Quietly sobbing to himself. How did he deserve having a perfect person like MC?

· Will feel relieved to see MC again with his new eyes.


· Is not afraid at all, he’s pretty used to being in ER because of his past experiences and Mint Eye.

· MC is afraid to make a mistake instead.

· Wants to comfort her, but ends up insulting her.

· Unlike his brother, he’d be very still like a rock.

· MC’s assistants are scared of him.

· MC’s lullabies made him relaxed and distracted from sending death glares to everyone who’s not MC.

· Wants to eat ice-cream with MC after the procedure.


· Needs to go into surgery due to an accident. Damn Seven and his pranks .

· Lightly warns MC not to mess up but will compliment her if she deserves it.

· Competitive MC will not let him down and he’s far beyond impressed throughout the procedure.

· Literally scolds and insults her assistants. How incompetent could they get?! MC is doing everything on her own!

· Upon entering drowsy state, he’s very apologetic and clings to MC with every chance he gets.

· Starts blabbering about his angsty past and MC is there to comfort him.

· Later on, MC helps Vanderwood with his duties in babysitting Seven and he’s never been thankful before.

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Nyssara fake dating au where they go undercover as a couple and Sara is really flirty and forward and nyssa is super flustered?

(Not an AU - just a pre-relationship, early League times)


This was a terrible idea.

As if the dreams, the traitorous dreams, weren’t bad enough, leaving her aching and wanting ashamed, now she believes someone is playing a sick joke. Someone who knows her secret desires.

Their cover is simple - a diplomat’s daughter and her paramour.

It’s just that Sara, whose acting skills are still being sharpened, has suddenly become very good at selling their roles.

Sara’s hand slips a little higher up Nyssa’s thigh, and the cool, composed Heir to the Demon chokes on her drink. Nyssa knows that she shows her trainee too much favor, too much latitude, but the delight on Sara’s face is downright mutinous. The thought of making her pay for it later, however, does not help matters.

Nyssa makes the flush leave her cheeks and hisses:

“This is a state dinner.”

“And we’re young, stupid, and in love,” Sara whispers back.

That is disturbingly close to what Nyssa actually feels but she forces herself to calmly, casually cut a piece from her chicken and take a bite. She chews slowly, staring down her wayward apprentice, whose eyes suddenly darken in a way that stirs low in Nyssa’s belly.

Sara quickly removes her hand from Nyssa’s thigh, finding her own knife and fork. She makes a face and says:

“This chicken might do the job before we have the chance to.”

Nyssa breathes a quiet sigh of relief, but finds her though aches for the touch of Sara’s hand again, and her body remains hyper-focused on every move Sara makes.

“Yes, well,” she clears her throat. “That would be convenient.”

It would. It would end this torture quickly, leave only the awkwardness of bunking down in a tiny League warehouse together.

Sara laughs. the way a lover would, because that is the role she is playing.

Nyssa knows she’ll hear that laugh again, in yet another traitorous dream.