hyper knuckles

Knuckles Musing
  • Someone else: How are you?
  • Me, interally: Knuckles hasn't lived up to his full potential as a character since Sonic Adventure really, (although he's still awesome in Sonic Adventure 2, don't get me wrong). There are so many things that need to be explored with his culture, even if they don't want to explore his past. Echidna culture is fascinating and the games could explore Echidnas' relationship with the Chaos Emeralds more.
  • And since Knuckles his proud of his culture and heritage it begs the question how much he knows about it. Does he try to figure out the Ruins of his ancestors through limited means? We know he understands ancient languages and has a knack for treasure hunting as a past time, but how many things has he not discovered on Angle Island? How come Angle Island hasn't been relevant again even through there are still unanswered questions about it like the tapestry in the sanctuary, the super emeralds, whatever the Hell Hyper Knuckles is suppose to be, ect. Knuckles is a fascinating character with more to his name than just being duped because he's guilable, and he's only guliable because he's been isolated his whole entire life-
  • Me: Oh no lol I'm just fine.
great ideas for a finals paper topic

• a critical analysis of sonic for real justice and its literary connections to animal farm