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Member(s): Suga / V // BTS

Genre: CatHybrid!AU, Romance, Smut, Poly

Words: 1.9k

She felt cold that morning, something lacking by her backside and under her arm; the usual morning warmth from her two pets was gone and she felt empty as she awoke. Only not for long, as soft nips at her neck and licks up her stomach let her know that she was far from being alone and even further from being lonely.

She chuckled lightly, scratching behind the youngest ears, pulling him away from her stomach as he purred in bliss at the feeling of her fingers roaming through his sensitive spots of pure pleasure. “What’s with the nice wake up call, Tae?” she asked of the youngest, knowing that it would have been much more difficult to make the elder speak, particularly not when he was so into nipping and licking at her neck, sending small waves of shiver down her spine so early in the morning.

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the egos are all together, at a meeting, and one of them says something that brings up wilford’s memories of the manor and the murder and all that

he just breaks down into sobs in front of everyone, and dark can’t comfort him, because his reputation with the other egos

everyone tries to help wilf, except dark, dark leaves so he doesn’t ruin his reputation with the others as the careless evil man

and once he’s away, where no one sees him, he breaks and crys because he wanted to help wilford so badly but couldn’t.

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Something to consider:

(Quick side note: Because Dark is most likely a combination of Damien AND Celine, i’m using they/them Pronouns in reference to Dark. Just in case)

In ADWM, Dark is very different from what we’ve been introduced to in WKM.

I don’t know if this is because of time or general weirdness, but you have to admit the Dark we see now is vastly different from the Dark we saw in ADWM.

In WKM, Dark doesn’t say a word, but we know them reasonably well enough to know they’re off from ADWM’s Dark.

At first, they look sad and lost. then they go into a direct rage.

But the interesting thing is that there’s no shell crack. There’’s no hidden rage. it just is.

In ADWM, Dark is collected and able to hold themselves together for a fair amount of time. They comes off as kind, charming even. Until their shell cracks. The we can see the rage and agony that they’re truly hiding.

My guess is that a considerable amount of time has passed between WKM and ADWM. This clue being from Dark’s mention of “waiting a long time to see us again”.

We can also infer this from how put together they are. They’ve adapted Damien’s mannerisms in this time-span. They know how to talk their way into getting what they want by now.

That is until they slip up and their shell cracks.

In that moment, we see a glimmer of the being we’re shown in WKM.

 In that moment, Dark’s shell broke and showed us the tormented souls that lived within.

We can assume that Dark had been through quite a lot in the time frame of WKM and ADWM.

Namely because of the progression of our own Wilford Warfstashe.

When we last see Wilford in WKM, he has completely lost it. He’s gone off to search the mansion for the friends that aren’t there and never will be.

We can only assume two things:

Dark went off to find Mark and get their revenge, leaving Wilford alone to fend for himself in shambles


Dark went after Wilford. After all, Damien and Celine were worried about him, and they care about him. This would easily tie into when Dark said “I respect you. i always have.” Because then that’s not Dark being Manipulative as we’ve been told.

It’s Damien and Celine, talking to their old friend

This means Dark wasn’t just into MarkTV for Control of the channel (though it wouldn’t have hurt if it managed to help), but because their friend wanted to do something and they love Wilford enough to try and support him.

But by the progression of insanity Wilford has taken in that time span, we can confirm it was a serious amount of time. So it’s entirely possible for Dark to learn and adapt to the components that make them up and the abilities and skills each of his base parts can do.

So Dark can ignore the laws of physicality, and i think that’s because Celine’s powers were strong enough to send us back the way Mark sent us away to begin with, so Dark could easily tap into that and adapt to it.

And as we’ve said, Damien knew how to talk his way around situations. Dark uses this to their advantage the most, trying to convince us to let them in and gain control.

This also means both Damien and Celine are present in Dark.



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wijnaldumb  asked:

Please show us your cat and all his favourite angles I know I already love and support him and he’s a good boy

ok so his name is JellyBean and he is the cutest thing ever and i would die for him ok

this was the v first day we got him and he was tiny, look how smol he was 

this is him looking like a babe, cus he is, straight at the camera, stealin’ all our hearts 

he smushed his head against my leg and i felt super loved here adsadsafds

taking pics of him sleeping is my life job, 


Theres alot of him sleeping cus he looks so cute and peaceful and im constantly heart eyes 

this is him in a basket, he sleeps in the weirdest places 

this is his real bed which he never sleeps in cus he enjoys sleeping anywhere that isnt in there dont ask me why

he only slept in it when he was super tiny for like two days and now he refuses too get in it 

HES SUCH A GOOD BOY, look at him 

if he finds something to get his teeth into hes happy, he loves messin w the most random things

playtime w a stick, he gets super hyper, its so funny

#modelling , he actually looks like hes seen a ghost :DDDD


i feel super loved when he sits near me, hes only 4 months old and hes the cutest thing in the entire world and i would give up my life for him, he deserves all the love and support in the world ok


so let’s say wilford and bim are good friends, and wilford wants to show him a “magic trick”

so he shoots bim, thinking he’ll come back

when he doesn’t, wilf starts to cry and mutters to himself “wake up, wake up, wake up” over and over, hoping bim wakes up

dark comes in at midnight to see wilford like this, and he tells him “people don’t come back, will.”

and wilford just breaks, and dark stays there comforting him for the next few hours

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Can I Purr-ease Have Your Number?

Genre: Fluff as well. I’m made of fluff.

Characters: Im Jaebum x Reader; Nora, Kunta, and Odd (Jaebum’s cats), Kim Yugyeom, and Bambam.

Warning/s: None. 

Summary: When Jaebum began looking for his missing cat, he didn’t expect to find something more. 

A/N: I rarely get requests, so I tried my best in this one! I hope you like this! I’m sorry if it’s not as long as you hoped. :(

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What about reaction to predacon sparkling becoming about rambunctious or hyper like a kitten, they just run around in there beast mode pouncing on other bot's leg, climb up on high things and nip at other bots hands or legs, know kind of stuff a kitten would do. Just with anyone you think would work best


Rewind & Chromedome 

Chromedome is trying to make sure Sparkling doesn’t go hurt themselves. 

Rewind is following close behind filming the whole ordeal.

Rewind is still recording as Sparkling chomps at Chromedome’s leg. Chromedome is currently done with life.

Tailgate & Cyclonus

Tailgate thinks it’s cute as the sparkling runs around attacking Cyclonus’ legs and pedes. Cyclonus on the other servo doesn’t see the appeal. 

Sparkling like decided to take a nap on top of a high shelf how they got there is beyond me but Tailgate is freaking out

‘Gate calmed down when Cyclonus removed Sparkling from the shelf and laid them in his arms.

It all of Cyclonus’ willpower not to strap the Sparkling down.

Fortress Maximus

He was the first victim of The Pouncing. It didn’t hurt him but it did tickle.

The sparkling climbed him once it was a terrifying experience for Max. He didn’t what to accidently hurt you so he caused a traffic in one of the hallways because he didn’t want to move.

He lets you nip his digits but doesn’t want you to do it to anyone else someone get hostel from it.



Predaking(And Shockwave.)

Goes from ‘you are going make a great ruler of the Predacon leader’ to ‘would you please stop attacking my tail!” every quickly.

It annoys all the Decepticons but Shockwave. Shockwave knows it’s a stage of growth and kinda likes seeing Sparkling attack Starscream or Knockout. Not that he will admit it.

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NUMBER 8: JIM AND THE SONG LYRIC IS "Oh sorry, the old Taylor (Jim) can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, cause she's (he's) dead!"

that was my thoughts as i typed this, enjoy

Demon Jim stretched his arms, accustoming himself to the new host. These Jim’s were rather…terrible…at simple things. They had not correctly finished off the Ouija Board session, and he was able to take one of their bodies. The one with the microphone, to be specific. He had snapped the neck of the cameraman Jim, and hid the body, so as to not raise suspicion.

Looking around his surroundings, it was rather dark, but the shapes of chairs could be made out. A theater of sorts, he thought to himself. A theater of which to play the deaths of my victims on the screen of.

Taking a fast stroll out of the dark theater of the manor, there was a faint ringing from his pocket. He pulled out the phone. It was Momma Jim, calling. He answered the phone, and the first thing he heard was Momma Jim’s concerned voice. “Jimmy, are you there? Are you okay?”

A smirk mustered onto his face. “Jimmy” was gone, replaced. He spoke back, his response being a simple “Oh, sorry. The old Jim can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh…because he’s dead.” He proceeded to hang up as soon as he finished talking.

Sliding the phone back into his pocket, he stepped outside the manor. He would have a fun time with this body, that’s for sure. He strode off, away from the manor, to find his first victims.

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Tiny Imagines for Wonwoo & Mingyu


•Imagine you’re trying to get Mingyu to help you do chores. He won’t get off the couch and you’re plotting how to get your boyfriend up. After getting your plan made up you slowly made your way to the couch and pushed him off an quickly sat on him so he couldn’t get back on the couch. “Now help me you lazy asshole”
•Imagine Mingyu being a dad and going shopping with his kid. He would be so whipped. Like his giant self would get dragged around the toy section and he couldn’t even say no to any of their picks even if he really hated the toy. He left all that up to you because he didn’t want to see his baby cry or be sad. Unsurprisingly you made your kid choose only one toy after promising that they can get another when you guys come back. After that trip, Mingyu made sure to stay at home for the next one
•Imagine trying to go buy a puppy with Mingyu. Since he’s a puppy himself you were in for a long day ahead. He drags you around the store playing with every puppy that he could. Eventually you told him that you couldn’t just get him all the puppies nor did you have the space in your complex to fit all of them. Even though Mingyu was sad, you eventually took home a little hyper white kitten because you liked it and Mingyu likes anything you like
•Imagine holding hands with Mingyu whenever you feel small because you’re around a lot of people. Everyone is crowding the area area and Mingyu wants to make sure he doesn’t lose you so he just holds your hand and pulls you closer to him while making sure he’s not pushing anyone else in the crowd. He then uses his height to scan around the area so he could bring you to somewhere safe where he was sure you wouldn’t be smushed into a pancake


•Imagine a calm day with Wonwoo. The usual stay inside date with him included the couch with you sitting on his lap while he read a book to you. There was always a blanket too because the two off you tend to make your house colder than it should be just so you too could cuddle up. With his calming voice, you cuddled into him more enjoyed the day with him
•Imagine Wonwoo having to take care of his kids because you were sick. He was beginning to get tired after balancing a few hours of making sure you weren’t dying and his babies need. Between feeding them, changing them, playing with them and putting them to sleep, he also had to check up on you while bring you water and soup. Thank god they feel asleep leaving him with only one person to take care of. But he was glad he was finally spending time with his family
•Imagine Wonwoo trying to get you a nice present because you deserve it but he can’t seem to find the right one because you’re his baby and he wants nothing less than perfect for you. Eventually he came up with a good plan and headed to go pick your surprise up. When you got home you were welcomed with not only your boyfriend but with a new little friend who happened to be a puppy because Wonwoo knew how much puppies were good at destressing people
•Imagine Wonwoo having a habit of just holding your pinky finger whenever you were walking around. His hands would just unconsciously move over to yours as he held onto your pinky loosely while admiring how small yours was compared to his. With a little smile on his face, he would sometimes start humming and swinging your hands a little because it felt just right

Alberto Moreno to Marca: “Gerrard is a true Captain. He fights for the team with all he’s got and he always puts Liverpool ahead of himself. […] For someone  like me, who’s just getting started in football, it’s a privilege to play with a footballer like him.” Also, Uncle Jamie doesn’t even go here anymore, but he’s the shit! Javi, hold this up… 


Summary: Mark lived alone with his two dogs Chica, Lego, and his cat Jack. Only some mysterious force decides make Jack a human.

Warning: NSFW themes.

Note: This is not to be taken as offensive to Sean and Signe’s relationship. This is inspired by @cheapcookiez‘s idea of JackSepticCat so please go check out their art, it’s amazing! Also, I’m sorry I really don’t know what this is or why I did it.

Part two is here! 


Mark woke up surrounded by the people he would sacrifice his life for, a few years ago he would’ve called himself an idiot but now he had accepted that he was the crazy pet man. His two puppies (okay maybe they were too old to be puppies but he refused to let go) snuggled into each of his sides and his excitable, hyper, and crazy kitten Jack (well, he was still as clumsy as a newborn kitten). 

“Morning,” Mark grumbled with a voice still rough from sleep once he saw Jack wide awake with his tail fluttering behind him. Jack was mostly white but had a huge splat of tabby colours, brown melting into grey that was defined by lines of black, on his back. He mewled happily as a response. 

Yet, Mark’s sleepy smile soon faded when he noticed Jack again scratch so violently at himself as if he was uncomfortable in his own skin. He had taken him to the vets a couple of days ago but they didn’t have a clue. They said it may be an allergy so to keep a close eye on him. 

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I have a very important message for each and every one of my followers…

To my partner:


To my closest friends and RP partners:

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To the amazingly talented people I want to rp with but haven’t yet(If you’re an RPer and not here it doesn’t mean I don’t want to RP with you, it just means you’ve never talked to me about it):

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