hyper fish


The hit series with all your favorite character! Such as: Killer Child, Tired and Hyper Skeleton, Fish, Goats, and Triceratops!!!

Original Comic:


I have hyper empathy toward animals. I always have, I used to pretend my stuffed toys were actually animated pets of mine and I would spend hours in my room taking care of them. I used to play vet too when I was young, I even had a white lab coat. Being so hyper empathetic towards animals is definitely what pushed be toward going to Veterinary school, even if I’m doing my courses online. All I want is to help animals and be around them as much as possible. I have 1 cat and a family dog that I love so much and can’t imagine life without and if my mom would let me, I’d have every pet imaginable. I’m the type of person who goes to a shelter and wants to adopt every animal there. I cry when I see SPCA commercials or hear stories about poor animals being abused. I’ve never been able to connect with humans, for obvious reasons, but I’ve always connected with animals. I can talk to my dog and/or cat for hours and I know they love me for me. And I love them for them. I love watching my pets and other animals doing just minimal things like twitching ears or even blinking. I have this deep connection to animals that I know being in Veterinary school is the right move for me because I can’t see myself doing anything else with my life.