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OK, I love your whole crash course thing with groups and I'm a new Mon BeBe so could you help me out? ~Anon A


Fandom Name: Mon Bebe

Last comeback: Shine Forever

MONSTA X consist of 7 members: Shownu, Jooheon, Wonho, Kihyun, Minhyuk, Hyungwon and I.M

MONSTA X debuted on May 2015 and the members were selected through the survival show NO.MERCY (THAT SHOW SHOOK AND STRESSED ME OUT)

They are under Starship Entertainment (along with Sistar and WJSN)


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GOT7 & BTS: When they catch their GF dancing with her manager during an award show

I promised I’d be back mwahaha! I’m so sorry for being gone for so long TT__TT School is finally done! I’m slowly working on the request I’ve been given! So tadah! Here is the first request! Thank you soooo much Nonnie for being patient with my lazy sloth-snail ass! I hope you like it!

Hai lovely!! Can you pls do a bts & got7 reaction to their gf or crush(your choice) they are at an award show and they are dancing with their (girl’s) manager, enjoying the music and having fun. Like she is close with her manager, not in a flirty way


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Okay Mr. Old Man leader here would be a little miffed. He knew that you and your manager weren’t in that sort of relationship and the care that the two of you felt for each other was purely platonic. That wouldn’t stop him from being annoyed that you were dancing with your manager instead of him. Afterall he was your boyfriend…though it was a secret. He is very sensitive when it comes to relationships (ever since he got harshly rejected in his school days) so he would be protective of you. Sometimes too much for your liking. He would slowly mosey his way towards you, but he wouldn’t join you in dancing but gently smile at you as you danced away. He loved you, trusted you, and because of that he would always be protective of you. 

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TFA Jazz and Prowl (seprate) with a human S/O that's more on the hyper side (like they're hyper but can calm down easily when asked to) please?



- It’s definitely unexpected when, of all people Prowl chose as a lover, he chose the most hyper person on the team. 

- Prowl is definitely the complete opposite to your normal state of being. He’s calm, collected, and soft-spoken; while you’re basically Miko from Transformers Prime on drugs. Or an energizer bunny. Either works.

- While he is sometimes offput by how spazzy you tend to be, he never gets upset at you for it. He only asks you to calm down so he may focus on the task at hand. He’s always appreciative when you stop, and when you almost instantaneously go from hyper bunny child to a regular human being.

- He does find a lot of ease whenever you are in one of your crazier episodes. Your very presence gives him a strong feeling of love and compassion, enough so that he doesn’t mind if you’re practically floating with how high you’re skipping.


- Definitely much chiller about it than Prowl. He finds it silly how hyper you are; it makes for a good time. 

- Jazz is never bored around you, and that’s what first drew him to you. You bring trouble and adventure wherever you go; singing or jumping around aimlessly. He calls you “hyperdrive” or, after learning about the creatures, “bunny” due to this.

- He’s definitely the one to be a bit calmer about you letting your energy out. When you want to calm down, he knows you will; and end up coming to him for a kiss or two as you chill out.

- Whenever it’s time to get serious about things, though, he will sit you down and ask you to calm down. You always comply, and he’s always super grateful.

- All-in-all, he doesn’t really mind you being really hyper. He thinks you’re adorable either way.

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what im getting from that tweet is that kookie wants to be yoongis trophy husband

Haha I laughed at this comment. I think I kind of get what you mean. by definition, a trophy husband is a person who just sits at home mooching off his partner and who’s purpose is to look nice. I think jungkook is saying yoongi is responsible and hardworking and is capable of taking care of him well which makes him prime husband material I guess. Basically, he wants to be spoiled. But I doubt he could really just stay still and not do anything and let himself be taken care of. He’s a hyper bunny 😂