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  • <p> <b>Keith:</b> Hey, Shiro, you look awful, what happened?<p/><b>Shiro:</b> I haven't slept in three days, my head is spinning and I see double.<p/><b>Lance, who gets hyper-active when sleep deprived, jumping around and screaming:</b> ME TOO!<p/><b>Shiro:</b> I would shoot him if I knew which one to aim at.<p/></p>


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College AU head Cannon: Hamilton came on the first day drinking a combination of a 5 hour energy drink, coffee, and a redbull. Nobody could tell if he was high or something, but he was just ridiculously hyper active. He passed out halfway through the day. Meanwhile, Thomas came in without any form of caffeine, tired and annoyed at having to sit next to a hyper active Hamilton (who he didn't know yet).

Every jam fic ever tbh

Just imagine that somehow Magnus accidentally puts a spell on Simon where he turns into a 4 year old and he’s super active and hyper and Magnus can’t keep up with him so he calls Alec for help but then Simon snatches his phone and runs away and Alec gets panicked and runs to Magnus’ and when he gets there he sees Magnus chasing mini Simon and he’s super confused and Magnus just looks at him and says “Don’t just stand there like a princess, help me!!!” And then Alec leaps into action and starts chasing mini Simon who keeps escaping Alec’s large hands and laughing as Alec trips over himself and then you have Magnus in the background flipping through spell books frantically searching how to reverse the spell 😂😂😂😂 like yaaaaaaas

SportaRobbie headcanons !

(This is my first time doing head canons so these are pretty bad)

-Robbie grew up in an abusive family. His mom died, his step-mom is abusive and drinks a lot , his dad was always with a new whore and his older brother , Glanni was almost never around. Every time Robbie would do something wrong he would get hit by his father or his step-mother. 

Sportacus on the other side, had a loving family . He had his nice chubby mom, his strong dad , his older ,hero of a brother  Íþróttaálfurinn. He was always a hyper-active happy child. 

-Robbie tells Sportacus about his family when Sportacus and him are talking about their older brothers . Sportacus is angry at how somebody can treat a child the way Robbie’s parents treated him. 

-Sportacus’s family comes to the town one day. Sportacus of course meets them with the kids and with Robbie . Sports’s mom loves Robbie’s clothes and style , his dad said he always wanted a son as tall as Robbie or at least a son who could cook and  Íþró still says that Robbie looks a lot like Glanni .

just imagine sportacus flippity-flipping over to robbie with a banana in hand and just-
  • sporty: hey robbie you should eat this banana!
  • robbie: *contemplates the hyper-active sports elf before shrugging* okay
  • robbie: *drops to his knees*
  • sporty: *confusedly and innocently holding banana* robbie what are you doing??
  • robbie: *looks up at sporty* oh you meant /that/ banana
GOT7 reaction to their girlfriend becoming their new dance teacher

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Got7 reaction to their s/o becoming there new co dance teacher, like she is their to improve their technique and dance ability (not as their choreograph). Thank you :-) ( I am think about the way they will have to show a certain respect towards her, as their teacher)

super cute idea anon ^_^ i love it
i hope you like it 
~ahgase Omma 

he does surprisingly well seeing as he was the black hole of choreo, he put in the extra work to get the moves right, but only so he can then focus on ramping up the sexy, in a hope to get you all flustered.

he’s more hyper and excited about the class. like a hyper active kid in class, he would focus for a little while then start to play around more, but this was somewhat tactical as it got you to focus on him more.

at first his really flirtatious and playful, but once he’s gotten it out of his system, we works hard to show you that he’s improving.

dancing is like one of his things, so he picks up on all the tips quickly, he does spend the rest of practice improving on all the moves to be playful and tease you.

pay so much attention to what you have to say that he doesn’t mess up once! honestly it the best idea ever for him to learn dancing from someone hell loves to listen to

he has one dream, and thats to see how many dabs he can get in before you end out being annoyed and shouting at him

now is his time to shine! we all know dancing is what he does, and now he can prove how much of a dancing machine he is. he takes your idea on quickly and just shows you what he’s made of!

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161112 JIMIN hugs TAEHYUNG
I love Jikook so much, only this couple.
But guys, I also love Bangtan, and tbh, this is the first time I’ve seen so hyper so active so optimistic Taehyung be like this…
To fans who bias Taehyung/V-stans, hope u guys can get over fast, time heals all wounds, let’s pray it for our Tae and focus on our mission = their prizes, their success. we will make it, not long anymore~

“We do need a Park Jimin in our lives”, of course he’s not perfect, but he’s an angel, our angel for real.

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Ratchet friend headcannons please?

Of course! :D Since you didn’t specify, I’m gonna use TFP since he’s my favourite <3

TFP Ratchet:

  • He’s such a worrier, it’s adorable. You worry a lot about him too, and you aren’t afraid to tell him that he needs to take a break and recharge
  • Deep, insightful conversations about Cybertron and Earth. You’re surprisingly easy to talk to, and Ratchet really appreciates that
  • Sometimes, if his work isn’t dangerous or if he doesn’t need to move too far, he’ll let you sit on his shoulder. Only close friends or a significant other are allowed that privilege
  • He likes that you aren’t as hyper-active as the kids. It’s a nice change, and having you at the base is something he enjoys because of that

Title: Baby-Sitting Was Never Like This

Pairing: Yoonseok (Yoongi/Hoseok), Sugamon (Yoongi/Namjoon), side Namjin (Jin/Namjoon), 2seok (Jin/Hoseok)

Writer: I_Identify_as_a_Ninja

Genre: Smut

Chapters: 5

Summary: Yoongi, an introverted writer, is roped into baby-sitting his best friend Seokjin’s two hybrid pets while he is on a business trip.
With the two hyper-active kitties getting into anything and everything, Yoongi thinks that he might just lose his mind before even one week of it, let alone surviving two.
Until he learns that there are more than a few perks to owning hybrid pets, especially ones as naughty as Namjoon and Hoseok.

Rules of Precinct One

1. Officer Fangmeyer is not allowed the Case files, we’re still trying to find the last one he buried.
2. Officer Hopps is to take driving lessons from Officer Wilde, We cannot lose another Patrol Car.
3. Officer Wilde is not allowed Coffee after 10 am, we really don’t want a hyper active fox running around screeching.
4. Officer Wilde is not allowed to see his own tail, while it is amusing to watch him chase it for hours on end, we all remember when he caught it.
5. Officer Grizzoli is not allowed to collect the donuts for work, we don’t want another Drunk Cheetah Incident.

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My Boyfriend Jinyoung (Jr)

“What’s your boyfriend like?”

He’s a total cutie

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A bit dorky

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He can kill people with his looks

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I’m in love with his smile 

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He’s good at dancing

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He’s more on the quieter side

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His facial expressions always make me laugh 

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Sometimes he’s a bit naughty

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But he’s my angel

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And my very hyper active bunny

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He makes me very happy and I love him to death

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“He sounds like prince charming”

“He is“


Next member: Youngjae



First Impressions: Kira Kira Precure A La Mode

Well let’s talk about the good stuff and then I’ll talk about the stuff that doesn’t really settle with me, cuz there are a few things that just didn’t hit the mark with me. 

First off, I really do like the animation. It’s pretty bright, colorful and you can tell they apped it up for this. This series is a tribute to the 10th anniversary of Yes! Precure 5, so naturally they want to put a bit more effort to it.

2nd, I actually do like Ichika. I was worried she was going to be a rip off of Doremi and to some extent, she kinda is but I find her much more tolerable. She’s hyper active and can get over the top, but it’s balanced out when she does get serious and her voice helps a lot with it. It’s deep and soft enough not to grate on the ears (Unlike Doremi’s voice which was obnoxious to me) and hits right when needing to sound excited or frantic. 

3rd. Transformation rather creative. I like how she jumps on the cake to make her boots appear and the whip cream coming on her for her clothing. Really creative and fun to watch. 

4th is the opening and ending but more so the ending. The opening is more pleasant on the ears than Mahou Tsukai’s opening, which was annoying but as nice sounding as it is, it’s not that memorable. It’s not as catchy to me as the ending. The ending was more catchy, had a bit more bounce to it and I can find myself humming that more than the opening.

Also, kudo points to the 3D model team! I’m impress by this! They actually do blend in a lot better with the 2D. In fact, it almost made me wonder if I was watching 3D models dancing or 2D. Great job, Toei! You can probably make your own show about dancers and pop idols like Aikatsu. (Who knows, maybe that will be the next Precure idea…)

Now for the stuff I wasn’t impressed by. Let’s start off with the stupid villain…

We went from this…

To this….

I’m sorry, but if the bad guys look like pokemon rejects, especially pokemon rejects that are stealing colorful candy, it doesn’t feel like there’s much at stake! It just feels like what they’re fighting for is just for nothing really. A good villain is important to have. Granted you don’t have to make them sexy as Orba, but for Pete’s sake! Make them threatening! Oh wait, the audience thought Orba and them were too scary! BS! They’re villains! They’re suppose to feel threatening so you want to root for the good guys! And shoot, the kids lived with Shut, Close and Lock and they weren’t exactly “cute”!  Least not in the way kids would want them. ;D

Also, the attack for Cure Whip is weak! All she did was wrap whip cream around the villain (if you can call it that…) to defeat it! Even Mahou Tsukai at least had impressive attacks! 

2nd, I really don’t like the dog thing…A lot of people think its cute. I find it more unsettling than Mofurun! She looks like a clown doll! I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s cute, I think it’s creepy! Especially since she’s white as a ghost and her eyes are the same as Mofurun’s. It’s creepy, unsettling and just no!

(Have this be in your nightmares for the next entirety of the year!)  

3rd, guess what, we’re going to have a 6th cure for the team! I wonder who that will be….!

(Twilight, what are you doing here and why the hell did you steal Joker’s mask?)

Oh come on! They even added a fairy that looks like her in the opening! They’re not even settle about it! She’s going to be Cure Parfait. White hair, mask and looks brainwashed. Sound familiar?  >___<;;;

And granted, those who like Doremi will like the new toys, especially the wand that looks exactly like the wands from Doremi, except they just decided to take Cure Magical’s wand and stick it on top…. Granted, this is done by the same people that did Doremi but come on! They could have been a little bit more creative?

Over all, my first impression of Kira Kira is okay. It’s got some nice ideas. I like how that they actually have to make their transformation item. That’s kinda cool, but not impressed by the villains, the fairy is creepy and the fight scene was terrible. Even worse than Mahou Tsukai’s first fight and MTP first fight was really bad…

Next, we’ll have Cure Custard coming up. And she looks and behaves a lot like the yellow girl from MTP and Cure Peace…(Um…yay…I guess?) Looks like it will be a while before Cure Chocolat and Cure Macoron step in. The sooner the better. I hope their fight scenes will be better at least…

(Please, you two! Step in soon!)

Over all, I rate the first episode 5 stars out of 10. Okay and interesting, but we’ve had better….Still going to watch it though.


Level: “Eh, okay.”

The X Men as Pets

Peter- the hyper active boxer that no one wants to take the three hours it needs to walk and play fetch
Kurt- the lovey, skinny cat that the kids pick up all the time and the family spoils
Scott- the small pomeranian that is shy and just wants to be carried everywhere and will bark at everyone
Warren- the terrifying bird that flies at your face and wants pets one second but will bite you the next, yet the family keeps him around because ??
Jean- the fancy brown bunny that everyone holds all the time and “AWWWWW”’s over
Hank- the happy go-lucky mutt breed that everyone loves and will follow you everywhere
Erik- the creepy snake that watches in silence with dead eyes, and the family only keeps him just to look cool
Jubilee- the proud little chihuahua that the kids dress up
Charles- the disabled lab that the other dogs follow around and is calm and quiet, and everyone has to stop and pet him
Raven- the sneaky ass ferret that WILL escape and have free roam as she pleases
Ororo- the crazy white horse that does weird shit like get her halter stuck around her neck and slip in the mud
Betsy- the black cat that stays in the dark and only comes out at night, and will attack peoples feet
Alex- the stereotypical golden retriever that is not as good as he lets on (don’t ask who chewed that hole in the back of the couch)
Walks- Charles stays at their owners side while Peter pulls and gags himself because LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO YO, and Hank is torn between yelling(barking) at Peter to calm down and making sure Charles is ok. Scott walks with a grudge towards the back because damn it he wanted to be carried, not forced to walk under all these annoying mutts. Alex circles around excitedly and ends up nearly tripping the humans. Jubilee is right with Peter in the front and panting because fuck these tiny legs.

Food- Warren will fly to the counter and rip open bags of chips and spill them everywhere for the dogs to eat and to piss the humans off. Kurt will watch from a distance and be very shy about the loud racket in the kitchen. Peter and Hank wrestle over bones and end up moving the couch, spilling the water, tearing the carpet, and ripping the damn curtains down. (“No, we aren’t too big, the house is just too small!”) Scott knows how the humans work and before the rest of them know it hes in their laps during dinner and eating out of their hands. Raven will get in the cupboard in five seconds flat and help herself- pellets are stupid, the humans should know better.

Sleeping- Peter passes out sprawled on the couch and will drool like there’s no tomorrow. Kurt curls up next to Warrens perch- wherever it may be- becuase ‘he’s only angry becuase he’s lonely.’ Betsy stays in the basement 99% of the time. Scott and Jubilee of course get special spots on the humans giant bed, while Charles gets hown own big cage decorated like a little castle becuase the wounded baby deserves it. Hank waits until the humans are asleep to jump up and lay over them, earning a small growl from Scott. Alex will pass out literally anywhere. Erik prefers the isloation of his tank, but that’s not to say he doesn’t sneak out every now and then becuase Charles’s cage is just really warm okay.

Play time- Ororo will jump around and roll over in the grass and mud, and will run away from the humans trying to get her lead on her. Peter will jump and jump and jump becuase THROW THE BALL! WALK TIME? DID YOU SAY TREAT? COME ON BRO, JUST THROW IT, LAST TIME I PROMISE. Warren will open his mouth in a threat and puff his feathers up when someone reaches their hand out to pet him, but wait- wow that feels good, ah yes, get the neck NO WAIT GET AWAY and will then bite your finger clean off. Hank and Alex will patently wait with their ball or rope in their mouths until you aren’t so busy. Charles prefers to watch the others quietly but content at theit happiness. Besty will look at the string you are draging in front of her like you are the biggest dumbass ever. Kurt can’t resist the feathery, jingly ball and will bat it around like crazy and run into the wall or under the couch. Scott still just wants picked up.
(If you want a certain person with something just ask XD these are really fun I would love to do more)