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i abandoned these for a week before i came back and decided that ok i had to finish them!! ( •̀︿•́) 

anyway these are inspired by the journalism office AU Arrest me Officer by leurauxe (ू•ᴗ•ू❁) it’s an amazingly cute fic so please do read it!! idk but i found hyped up photographer intern hinata such a cute idea no?? and the second one is supposed to be like when bokuto first sees akaashi lmfao r i p boku-chan :) there was supposed to be an oikawa as well but it was too crappy soOo

(i’ve never posted fanart for another fanwork before while being aware of the fanwork’s owner at the same time..like is there a standard procedure,,was i supposed to pm them or let them know first omg idk am i overthinking)

Topp Dogg: their BFF graduating

P-Goon:  wouldn’t even let you know that he was going to your graduation and acts indifferent, until you see him standing outside the building with a huge bouquet of flowers and an even bigger smile.

Hojoon:  for the whole week he’s been telling you how proud he is of you for making it this far bc he knew how hard your school work was. He’d make sure to take you to dinner with a bunch of family members and close friends, and records you while you go up on stage for your diploma.

Sangdo:  he’s busting out his brand new camera to capture every moment, from your beautiful attire, to your shoes, to your hair, to your graduation gown, he’s become your personal photographer- hyping you up when you went up on stage.

Nakta:  he’s so thoughtful and he’d spend so much time trying to figure out what sorts of gifts to get you. He knows you’ve worked hard so you probably deserve him splurging over you.

Hansol:  goes out shopping with you the week before to get that perfect outfit, and would probably want to match with you just to be cheesy. You could probably hear him screaming from across the venue as he shows how proud he is.

B-Joo:  won’t stop talking about all the trips that you’re gonna take with him after graduation, and he’s thought of every destination. He’ll end up inviting all the guys over to the ceremony, and having a massive party afterwards.

Xero:  shows up in STYLE bruh, he’s got the limo and the driver for you, probably paid for your shoes, and it’s like he’s the one graduating too. Everyone would have their eyes on you as they entered the building, and you couldn’t have asked for a better bff.

A-Tom:  all he’s thinking about is the party before and after, wanting to turn up with you to celebrate your freedom. It will be a surprise to you when you walk out of the car, seeing all the guys dressed up in their finest suits and cheering you on, while he’s smirking, “Yeah, it was all my plan ;)))”

Yano:  he can’t help himself from wanting to tell everyone about his bestie who’s finally graduating, to the point of making them feel bad so they’d have to buy a present too. Spoils you with all sorts of little knickknacks and ‘congratulations’ cards.

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whoa how did you get a photography pass for rise against? theyre one of my favourites so im dicks out rn

i was super lucky, someone who works with them quite often helped me out and submitted me with the band :)) im super hyped too! ive only photographed them at a festival so far but this is a super small, intimate show (theyre only doing Berlin and London) so yeah, im so grateful and excited!! my dick is out too for sures lmao