Nintendo is weird.

They go to E3. In the gaming industry, E3 is where you pull out all the stops, state your case for why your shiny new game console’s gonna kick butt. But instead of showing off or even revealing the NAME of the console they’re releasing in eight months, they spend the ENTIRETY of E3 showing off Breath of the Wild. A game made for the console with no name and no design.

Then, with little to no warning, they drop a Youtube video revealing the name and design of the new Nintendo Switch about 4 and a half months before it launches.

Then, 7 weeks before the launch of their new system, they decide “Hey guys screw it! We’re having our own E3!” And they just have their own E3. Less than two months before they launch a console that is conceptually a mix between a home console and a handheld.

Nintendo is weird. I love them