O…. M….. F…… G….

I just learned that the Patriots Peak is going to be an all class item. Valve approved it today. When I unboxed my Strange Unusual Patriots Peak, I was pretty hyped for my first unusual, but a little sad, that it wasn’t for Engi or Medic, which I main. Anyway I got myself a nifty strange part (Kills, as its for the solly) and played a while.

But now, I mean. LOOOK AT THOSE DARN COOL ICONS FOR THE CLASSES. Spacedaddy (creator) you’re my personal hero. My battle Medics gonna be so badass.


#237~ Pokemon- Team Skull Grunt Outfit

To celebrate the release of the demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon, I have team skull grunt outfits! They were so quirky, from the way they moved, their facial expressions, and the way they talked. So much hype!

Hat: QR code up above
Pants: (Male) plain shorts (put a dress and then wear the design) or Basketball shorts (recommended), (Female) Laced Skirt
Socks: (Both genders) Brown Striped Socks/ (Male only) Dress Socks
Shoes: Basketball Shoes

Some gems from marching band so far:

“Bad and naughty children are put in the wind circle to atone for their crimes.”



The endless ideas for stupid jazz chart titles. (’No Twerking During Stretches’, ‘Ring Toss Prophecy Child’, and ‘Secret Cowboy/Secret Swordfighter,’ among others.)

“Keenan (drum major) is our mom.” “Mom can we have spaghetti for dinner?” (everyone in the room) “MOM’S SPAGHETTI” (Keenan) “ALL OF YOU SHUT UP Cody is my favorite anyway”

The pit hype squid hat.

“Maybe the real tempo was the friends we made along the way.”

“Saxy Jakob.”

Team screaming exercises.

(Some kid who had to take their guages out to perform) “You wanna see me put my fingers throught the holes?”

(At the end of a competition with all different the bands on the field) All 16 of the sousas are playing the bassline to Uptown Funk. Now they are playing the Jaws theme.

(While making one word stories) “Rotating racist round rabbis enjoy screaming daddy with a llama in their anus.”

“Become the triplet cowboys!”

“Everyone in band has daddy issues.”

“*blah blah blah* Satan-” “Saltine!” “What” “I call Satan Saltine.” (some kid who just walked in) “Who’s salty?”

“Where are we starting?” “At the top of the bigadigas.”

Naming all of the instruments in the pit. All of them.

“Alec quit.” (like everyone) “Finally”

“The only bad thing about marching band is the 5,000 pound gong I have to move.”

(About the 5,000 pound gong) “Well, this is staying here until tomorrow. And by tomorrow I mean next year.”

Drumline screaming and running to their places every time we reset.


“Yes pit master Lauren.”

“So how’s your dad?” “Ehh” “Still a massive dick, huh?”