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Number 13 is dedicated to my love for napping. So stoked on this one. It’s always great when the artist exceeds expectations! Thanks @jud_ferguson! I’m so hyped to finally get tattooed by you! I’m glad I didn’t leave my house for nothing. 😉😂 (at Brainstorm Tattoos)

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honeybee-honeybee  asked:

20, 30 and 36 please :)

20: First thing I notice in new person - Usually their face right? Unless they have nice shoes..

In all seriousness, often body language is the first thing I notice, and I try to pay attention to how they talk about things such as gender and race which usually decides if I want to spend any more time on that person. Online or off.

30: Favourite band - My favourite band is COMEBACK KID SEE YOU IN THE PIT MOTHERFUCKER

36: Tattoos and piercing i have - Had a lot of piercings, but right now, lip, cheeks and tragus. My first tattoo was a ‘pop punk’ star on my wrist lol, cos I just wanted a tattoo. If I could start again I might put more thought into that but whatever. I added a natural forest style piece afterwards and a friend of mine at Hype Tattoos (if you’re in the area, look ‘em up) has helped me develop that into several different pieces with the same style, it’s not very common so I liked that a lot. Shoutout to the Newcastle Brown Ale star I added to my leg, reminds me of home wherever I’m at. 

As a sidenote, you’re usually the only one who sends me these and I appreciate that more than you may know!

I’ve been hyping up getting a tattoo since forever but it feels wrong to mark up my body. It’s super hard to get that “ your body doesn’t belong to you so you need 2 treat it like a temple” mentality out of my system. So far blatantly ignoring it has made my quality of life significantly worse, idk