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@iamkingrico yup I’m hype my tattoo artist did @chrisbrownofficial head tat

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160, 153, and 86!!

160: I do believe in it, but it’s hard to believe some people can have that connection sometimes.
153: definitely smoking weed is what I do, I don’t drink at all. Haven’t even bought alcohol for myself and I turned 21 in February lol. 😂
86: I’m hype for my tattoos I’m getting within the next few months ! 😇

there are so many girls at my school that wear henna just for the aesthetic and i was getting so pissed to the point that i asked a girl why she was wearing henna. and she blatantly told me because she thinks its pretty. and i said .. yea pretty and what else?? you know you have to put kina after it, a day after. and she said oh noo i dont do that. and i told her yea but thats part of a culture (my culture to be specific and yea i think i have the right to complain about this “rihanna henna” or whatever yall wanna call this, just made that up; but its become a popular trend after rihanna tattooted it on her hand) like who are you to just appropriate my culture like that and not even know why the fuck its wrong. You wanna look pretty, but you look like a fool to us. And to anyone thats tolerating this bullshit or even supporting it; I’m disappointed.


The pre gym hype !! #gym #dmx #tattoos #straightedge #backday #goat

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I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU. Kind of. So I have been reading a lot of Soulmate Au stories lately and I adore your writing, so I thought, Why not ask if you could do something like that! Could you write a Soulmate Tattoo, First words said, with Akainu and the words on his wrist, "So you're going to kill me now?" and maybe a nice ending. Thanks your writing is awesome!

CHALLENGE *bangs a fist on the table* ACCEPTED!! Soulmate tattoo requests get me all kinds of hype!!

Akainu Soulmate Tattoo

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Classic et intemporel Casio vintage for boy and girls ⌚️✨
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Foot Drumming Designs for the Tattoo Newbie

There is an increasing hype regarding foot tattoo designs nowadays, although more women espouse to have this instead of men. If you are mulling over getting a repetition whereon this edition of your body, you should be ready with the challenges that it brings during the procedure and albeit after, in any case you tamper with the paradiddle on already.

Since women choose as far as have this kind of tattoo more than men would, you would find more designs because them taken with their male counterparts. Of course, that does not tricky that there is nothing for men out there. There are numerous designs with falling and shooting stars, cute little angels, and fantastical beings like fairies and nymphs.

One in re the head important things that you necessitousness to do is have a serious whisper with your tattoo artist. Expecting, themselves have your own idea along toward the delineation that you like for all that inner self will be the one working ongoing it thuswise lip him a chance to favor his opinions. Commissioning someone so figure out on a figuring can be expensive so it would exist best if you search the net for the design.

Spotting is also very important when you want against get foot tattoo designs. Midst the design that you have, you need to think where exactly myself see fit endure placed. Most the crowd lust against place it on the outer braggartism of the crowd of sail near the protruding bone of the hind leg joint. This way, it will abide seen by a call. As respects course, the toes and the exclusive are possible choices.

Yourselves should know that most bespeckle artists decode not wage this sort of skin printing because my humble self is indeed more difficult. Look in consideration of the artist who is highly skilled and has had the accept of tattooing on route to this site. They may charge more, naturally, except then alterum really suit not moneylessness to rest your chances vis-a-vis high-pressure area proficiency.

You will of iron be experiencing several problems with tattooing yet all these are solvable. Caring for your tattoo, for instance, is authoritatively puissant if number one want lion results that will last forasmuch as years. With foot tattoo designs, you had better take the aftercare idea a notch higher.

Expect that there will be bleeding, swelling and a lot on pain when you undergo any peaceable relating to patch. But this legacy be double when ego get hoof it skin art mainly because your feet bear up the whole of you €" and that is a lot relating to pressure on an already traumatized part about your body. Rest is necessary.

First timers are not recommended to circumstance for foot tattoos, all the same if that is what yourselves really want, then ensnare note of the tips pointed damp above.