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So, like, Harry Potter is my everything. Like, I know I strut around like kpop weeb trash (cause I am, obviously), but like, just thinking about Harry Potter most of the time makes me emotional. It’s great. I’m pumped for the book release Saturday. It’s gonna be lit. All of downtown Kent, OH (where I’m in college) is transforming into Harry Potter world and I’m too hyped. I tattooed the Hufflepuff house crest on my back (badger included) when I was 18. This shit is real for me.

Cool, so, my love for the series being well established, I’ve been getting super annoyed about the actual fandom recently.

Like, I saw a MuggleNet post on Facebook recently (it’s was like a screenshot of a tweet, you know how popular those are) and it said something along the lines of “Pity the living because J.K. Rowling keeps editorializing canon” or something like that.

And everyone’s like “Ooooh, mic drop! Got her!!”

And I’m just like…

Do you remember nine years ago when the series ended and everyone cried and wailed and moaned about needing more? How everyone was going to be content without a book 8, but what would really make life complete would be a Harry Potter encyclopedia?

And suddenly we have Pottermore, which is basically an online database for in-depth Harry Potter information, because this woman created something that brought, like, the whole planet together. She created an entire universe in her head and you wanted to know about it and she wrote it down and all of a sudden people are like “Ugh, stop ruining my childhood!”

So I see this, rampant, throughout the fandom, and I sit here, behind my computer, literally wondering how the heck this is ruining your childhood.

Like, I’ll give you, none of her stuff about the other wizarding schools is perfect (far from perfect. We can and should and do talk about the ignorance surrounding the creation of Ilvermorny, but, not being Native American, I’ll leave those actually educated to discuss that). Does Jo struggle with diversity in the series–absofuckinglutely, but, like–

Remember, Ron and Hermione fiasco? Where everyone lost their collective minds about an out of context quote about Ron and Hermione getting divorced? As if 50% of real couples don’t get divorced. I panicked momentarily, but then John Green was all “Books belong to their readers.”

And then I was like “Duh! This isn’t even in the books. It doesn’t have to bother me.” And then I was fine (and for the record, I love Romione, but do you honestly believe that their bickering and arguing disappears because they suddenly get together, as if they aren’t the two most stubborn people on the planet? Do you honestly think they’ll have a perfect marriage? That’s not how relationships work, broski).

Nothing that Jo has put out has taken away from the books for me. I cannot believe that people, on the daily are talking about it ruining the books for them. I read those books or watch those movies, and all the outside stuff, doesn’t matter. Those books are what shaped me. Those books are what made me find my friends and my school and what carved out so much of who I am as a person.

People are wilding out over Fantastic Beasts and Cursed Child, crying to the moon about how she’s ruining it, like they’re not gonna read or see the play or go see the movies.

What’s ruining things for me are people constantly dumping all this negativity energy into the fandom, and if it’s really that big of a deal that big of a deal, if it’s really causing you so much anguish, just leave. Constantly dumping on it and talking about how much you’re over it or how much you hate all the extra information isn’t going to do anything, but rain on people’s parade. You’re being Debbie Downers.

Like, no one is all “I love Lord of the Rings, but did we really need all those extra books about how Middle Earth came into being or all that extra shit about dragons? Tolkien needed to stop.” Because if you don’t want the information, you just didn’t read the other books.

And, granted, it’s harder to ignore all the extra info now that we live a society of click-bait and anytime Jo even tweets, someone writes an article about it…

But you don’t have to click those links. You can scroll past those posts. I do it all the time. I am a much better person for it.

Furthermore, it is Jo’s story. I mean, obviously, it’s out story too, but she thought it up and created it knows every character and detail more intimately than any of us ever will. It is more completely her story than any of us can ever dream of. People are talking about “holding her accountable” for editorializing it, and I just can’t even believe you’re trying to police the way someone tells their story. Like, for real, in real life, you are trying to tell the person who created this story how to tell it because you don’t like it. Like, get out of my face.

There is so much fanfiction. So many headcanons. Fan films. So many other mediums for you to enjoy your own personal version of Harry Potter, but you’re trying to come for Jo for all the wrong reasons. There are plenty of good reasons to come for Jo, but the fact that she keeps telling the story (which, as I stated in the beginning, is something that we all BEGGED for) is not one of those reasons.

I don’t know if this post even makes sense anymore. I really just want people to stop raining on my Harry Potter parade. If you think all the new information is a “slow rot” then keep it to yourself. I will rot away with it. I do not care in the slightest. People who still love the story don’t care. Bringing in all that negativity is the equivalent of being that guy at a party who keeps telling people “This is so lame” but they don’t leave so people just keep rolling their eyes at them wondering why they don’t leave the party if they hate it so much.

I just have a lot of feelings about Harry Potter.