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(Random makeup rambles, please feel free to ignore. I was just blabbing on about this on Twitter so I’m sorry to anyone who also has me added there lol).

I guess it’s all down to personal preference, but I’m actually genuinely surprised that so many online beauty gurus say that Jeffree Star’s liquid lipstick formula is the best

I mean, if we ignore the person behind the product I like it well enough, but personally speaking, it’s definitely not my favorite? It’s got a sliiiiightly thicker consistency, and I personally prefer my liquid lipsticks to be as thin as water. I’m actually starting to wonder if I’m the only one who has this preference

The two liquid lipsticks I have that are like this are the ABH and Tarte ones which I honestly love because they’re pretty runny/watery but still super-pigmented - the colors still come out strong. The Too Faced and KVD ones are a very close second in quality

Also like … I’ve found that the J★ liquid lipstick leaves a stain - not even olive oil can get it fully off in the first go. I guess some people see that as an upside (I do know that a lot of YouTube beauty gurus love stains) but I personally prefer liquid lipsticks that come off absolutely clean even if it means it’s not as long-lasting as others 👀 hygiene and all that, lol.

Idk. Anyway, I’ve got a Beauty Bakerie lip whip coming in the mail since they had a free shipping offer lately, and I’ve been wanting to try it forever so hopefully we’ll see what it’s like soon lol. I’ve also been pretty curious about the Smashbox liquid lipstick since it’s gotten pretty good reviews from people - smooth/even application and no patchiness, etc - so I guess I’ll have to sample it the next time I’m in a Mecca store. And I’m waiting for Sephora to have another sale too so I can grab one of their in-house brand liquid lipsticks, since Maia recommended that one.

Lol my makeup stash is slowly becoming liquid lip central but you can never have too many lipsticks tbh.

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    ‘   so.   pencil  scratches over once pristine paper, a messy sketch colouring charcoal. It’ll take but a few minutes to tidy up, and to be ready for the scrutiny that would no doubt rip apart the pride she feels. Without honesty, she’s sure that she would bow before false hope were Nox not there to  humble her.   I was thinking something… like this? ’  dark, expecting eyes peer upwards, a slender finger pushing glasses up in the bridge of her nose.   ‘  if that’s  okay  with you, of course.  ’ 

tattoo artist!luke actually being a complete softie when he’s around his girl but he has to live up to his title of being a “bad boy” because of the ink crawling over his body, yet somehow when he’s around you it’s as if he just melts into a puddle and is jelly in your arms and when you touch him by the slightest, shivers run down his spine and endorphins rack through his body and the fact that you’d waste any time on him is just totally illusory and he can’t believe how someone as delicate and fragile as you can date someone like him