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humble beginnings in Avenue 🌱 

Avenue is going to be themed around the downtown area I live in, featuring brick roads, a farmer’s market, an antique store, + a cozy loft apartment. I’ll mostly be working on Avenue on my own in my free time, but I’ll play in this town in live streams on my YouTube showing you progress I’m making + having people from the chat over to play!  (●´ω`●)

My part-time job has alot of quiet times that allows me to draw stuffs in my sketchbook and 

Holyyyshit this went beyond my expectations!!! 

I only wanted to test out inking on the sketchbook in hope the ink doesn’t leak too much or such and see if I was capable of thin lines and AAAAAAAAAAAAAA


September 2007, Willow Creek: Louisiana 

Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile 🍂🌆🌰  Part 1

Monsta X Shopping At The Grocery Store


Hyunwoo (Shownu):

  • That person trying to use their algebra skills to see which cheese is the better buy
  • How many ounces per cent? Fuck it, just get the generic store brand
  • tried to dance along to his music and nearly ran over a lil kid
  • doesn’t do that anymore
  • helps everyone out when they cant reach the top shelf
  • now everyone thinks he works here
  • a one stop shop kind of buyer
  • gets eveRYTHING from the same store

Hoseok (Wonho):

  • ate a dumpling sample and bought 15 bags of frozen dumplings bc the sample lady was rlly nice and old
  • protein powder galORE
  • boppin along to the music playing in the store
  • avocados and bananas bc hes healthy
  • buys food that he knows everyone likes 
  • ends up spending more money on getting food for everyone else
  • doesnt mind tho
  • and actual angel i would die for shin hoseok


  • bought a whole bag of swiss rolls bc hyunwoo mentioned he likes swiss rolls
  • tries to use his cart as a stool to get the stuff on the higher shelves
  • ends up rolling through the store
  • got hella excited in the snack aisle
  • bought too many chips and gummies
  • walks out of the store real hype tho bc he got the food he likes and hyunwoo likes and thats all that matters


  • has a lil list and booklet of coupons but he alWAYS LEAVES IT AT HOME
  • so now he just jogs around w his phone plastered to his ear talking to Minhyuk
  • “No minhyuk, im not buying a rambutan because you think its looks cool, you hatE RAMBUTANS”
  • sniffs all the body wash scents
  • makes lil songs w the names of the products
  • i dont know him
  • saw a stuffed plushie that looked like Sanche
  • it aint even his dog and hes hype asf


  • only came in bc he ran out of food
  • literally last minute
  • doesn’t know how to find the good buys so he just stands there (oh no baby what is u doin)
  • sits in the lil food court and stares @ the menu for a good hour
  • “sir,,, r u,,,,going to,,,order?”
  • “ya lol how much can I get for $50 and how quick will it go bad bc I don’t cook good and im just gonna buy it premade”


  • that grown ass man riding his shopping cart by standing on it like a scooter
  • knocked over a pyramid of canned peas and just ran away
  • does aegyo @ the butcher to get cheap beef
  • v intimadated by all the soccer moms who seem to have it together
  • doesnt understand how the sales work
  • “im just trying to buy tomatoes whats the difference between plum tomatoes and roman tomatoes i donT UNDERSTAND”

Changkyun (I.M):

  • staring at the crabs and lobsters inside the tank
  • “hello my brethren”
  • gives them all names and screams every time it looks like someone wants to buy them
  • wanted to buy them to keep them safe but A). hes poor and B). Nugget the Third looks hella aggressive
  • buys 18 boxes of popsicles
  • thats it
  • just lives off of that
  • sits in his studio and eats popsicles all the time

A/N: lmao what level trash am i im two days behind on updates but i wrote this shit lol gr8 job, kinza, ur really going places in life also i have front row tix for monsta x in chicago so im happy im v happy there might be a lot of smut coming up

I wish more people would realize that the audience determines the popularity of princesses & the merchandise they see. At Disney World, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Moana, Brave, etc all had the same amount of merchandise pre-release and very similar promotional events. Frozen was the one that blew up among children and adults. In Summer 2014, when I worked in the Magic Kingdom, the merchandise was EVERYWHERE and was constantly selling out to the point where parks had to limit 3 of one item to the customers. People waited as much as SIXTEEN HOURS (according to the attractions cast members) to meet Elsa & Anna during the event when MK was open for 24 hours. Originally, Elsa & Anna was just met at the Norway pavilion in Epcot but that QUICKLY changed due to demand. The crowds and sales determine what Disney focus on. Now that the Frozen hype has died down, stores previously filled with Frozen merch has been replaced by Elena merch. YOU determine what brands/titles Disney focuses on. Buy the merch, talk about the movie, request this and that, then your favorites will get more love from them.

In other news, I’m so excited about cartoons tonight.

I can’t wait to watch a skeleton overlord act looney on novocaine

I can’t wait for Wander acting like a cute superhero

I can’t wait for banana doctor weird al

I can’t wait for talking plant detectives

I can’t wait for bara animal wizards

I just can’t wait for cartoons it’s gonna be rad.

Vampire AU drabble part 2

I couldn’t think of a proper title, but yeah, after many demands it’s finally here! Much longer than I intended, and not at all what I expected. But I think you’ll like it. 

A continuation of part 1, which was inspired by noranb-artstuffs and the amazing drawing she made. I’m very happy to write a second part for it. 

While the first part was more of a friendship thingy, this one is a lot more gay. In fact, it’s very gay. Not sure if it’s enough to be rated M, but oh well. 



Sasuke sat slumped against the edge of his bed. Yes, he was a vampire with a bed, so sue him for wanting to sleep comfortably. The problem was just that, no matter how comfortable the bed was, he hadn’t gotten any sleep at all today. Groaning into his arms, legs bent up against his chest, his sharp ears picked up on an annoyingly loud voice all but echoing through the two-storey stone house he and his brother currently resided in. 

As had become routine the past months, Naruto would come visit in the early evening, having finished his job at the local grocery store, hyped for another round of arguments over whether or not he could join Sasuke on his next hunt. No matter how much Sasuke tried to lie about when he would go, Naruto somehow instinctly knew when to start nagging about it. 

Maybe Itachi told him. Bastard.

Footsteps approached his door before it slammed open. One day he’d need to do something embarrassing when Naruto barged in simply so he’d learn how to knock. As it was, he didn’t even flinch.

“Sasuke? You okay, man?”

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