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Hey…uh…darkskinned girls aren’t beautiful only when they’re naked and covered in oil for a photoshoot…darksinned girls don’t have to wear a cut crease and flawless foundation every day to be beautiful…darkskinned girls shouldn’t have to go above and beyond to get called beautiful “for a dark girl”

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stop being bitter about Kendall damn

kendall jenner is honestly the most boring, mediocre and plain model in the business why everyone’s up her ass is a mystery to me and that’s not even shaming or a stab at her appearance; her modeling is honestly so bland, her facial expression remains the same, her eyes are boring and overall it just makes for an unexciting photo with the jenner name attached to it. i know im not the only one who sees that so my question is if she’s so inexperienced and bland why she’s getting contracts w fendi and ck…… unless……. well you know. ofc kendall doesn’t get to choose what family she was born into, but I’m sick of people actually thinking she could have gotten where she is so quickly w/o being in that family lmao kris even said she’d pull strings for her. ive heard rumors of her walking the vs show and if that happens im honestly gonna be so done. there should be zero hype around her “modeling” as if there aren’t other girls who have been actually working their asses off for years and are being denied bc of kendalls last name. call me when black models don’t have to bring their own makeup to set. call me when latina models aren’t type casted. call me when models with natural hair aren’t forced to get keratin treatments for their shoots while kendall gets to sit on the floor with a huge afro on her head. call me when models who change themselves because they’re told it’ll make them look better still have to endure vicious photoshopping and constantly reminded of their imperfections. call me when naomi campbell and safely end her group chat with her girls. call me when jourdan dunn is a vs angel. honestly just call me when ur over kendall and done thinking she’s actually had to work for anything.


We are giving you opportunities to be the part of our HYPE modeling team!

Category : Female / Male - Young Adult / Adult - All ethnicity

What career opportunity & support did we offer?

1. Models for our seasonal magazines.

2. Product poster advertisement on social medias.

3. We are taking you to the another level of fashion industry.

4. Enhance your modeling standards, make your identity stronger.

How to apply?

Simply click HERE

Please read the instruction before you filling in the form.

When will this submission end?

This submission will still keep going. There will be announcement post when we are done. So keep submitting while you still have time!

We are looking forward to see uniqueness in every models that applies.



1st Hype Magazine Release Party

Firstly, I just wanna say thanks to Marsupial @classymarzia and the rest of the Hype team @hypemagazine and models for their hard work in creating such a great (and aesthetically pleasing) magazine. You guys killed it in the first issue… and did even better with the second issue, which I deadass didn’t think was possible. So congrats!

Secondly, let’s appreciate Jahari @loftybabe and her pregnancy glow. It’s definitely there. But now I probably gotta carry around that heavy ass fur. And she’ll probably end up complaining about how much her feet hurt. And complain about not being able to drink alcohol anymore. And complain about how hungry she is. That’ll be fun!