hype jumper

Preference #407 Early Mornings

Niall: He watches as you scratch at your thigh, the maroon hype jumper touching just above your knees. He’s watching your attempt to make breakfast, but his thoughts aren’t about the burnt toast or about the sizzling coming from the stove. “G’ morning.” He slips in, his hands overlapping yours on the spatula. “Let’s go back to bed love; I didn’t get to finish telling you about how much I love you. Plus it’s early, suns not even up.”

Harry: His hands fall to the side of the padding, his face breaking into a deep grin. “Babe, can you bring me a new nappy. This little one has seemed to dirty hers in the last five minutes.” He smiles, letting out a little giggle into the crib. You feet lazily move into the nursery, dropping the clean diaper by his side, your arms snaking around his waist. “I love this – not the dirty diapers and early mornings. But I love this life more than anything else.”

Louis: He watches you trot around the room your phone attached to your ear as you search around the room for your clothes; scattered around in the midst of last night. He sighs deeply, trying to remember the first kiss from last night, the first touch, your first advance. But the events are blending together, and he can’t help but realize that you’re about to walk out. You’re not his, and he has never been yours. “See you tomorrow night.” You whisper, popping out the door; gone again.

Liam: He wakes to a tickle on his nose, and warm breath in the curve of his neck. “Morning.” You mumble, spreading your fingers across the length of his bare chest. His eyes crack to see you’re propped up next to him, your yoga pants clad legs folded beneath yourself.  “Time to go work out.” You giggle, removing the blankets quickly. “You said we were going to work out three times a week, let’s go Payne. Get your lazy bum up.”

Zayn: He lets his lips do the work, his teeth grazing over the sensitive spot below your belly button hands pulling roughly at the tops of your thighs. “I don’t know how you do it.” He whispers taking your bottom lip in-between both of his stronger ones. Because this is his favorite part, kissing you. “The sun hasn’t even rose yet, and you’re shining brighter than it ever could.” He laughs, “How did I ever get so lucky?”