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Inktober 15 - Butterfly.

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 14)

@fellswap-gold fanart.

 tfw Baymax Returns is revealed to premiere on November 20th

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tfw there will also be shorts every Friday

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“I’m an alienist. That is a doctor. But instead of looking to cure a disease of the body, I look to help those who suffer from an illness of the mind. Sometimes society looks upon people as crazy. It may only mean that they are alienated from their own true natures.”
The Alienist premieres January 22nd on TNT

Okay Let’s Talk About The Arms Race Weapons:

As you all may know, the Third Arms Race winners have been announced.

The stats and actual effects of these weapons are still TBA, but in the meantime I think there’s some stuff to be speculated and talked about.

For starters, holy shit. I love these weapons already! Right off the bat it’s apparent who these weapons are for.

The Bouncing Betty is a new Demo Primary and will probably deal less damage, yet reward players for bouncing grenades into enemies, with more bounces = more damage.

The Elephant’s Foot is a primary for the Heavy, and I can’t really speculate what it does by its looks. But it’s being fed by what looks like an oil drum… Perhaps some weird synergy with the Pyro? After all, the Pyro update is just around the corner.

The Scottish Sweeper is probably my favorite on this list because it sounds and looks like it’s going to be Demo’s first non-sticky launcher, non-shield Secondary weapon! I really do hope it’s a good SMG, unlike the Sniper’s… Ya know, now I’m hoping the Sniper’s secondaries also get a buff when these are implemented.

H o l y f u c k.

Okay so the Nightwatch is obviously the new shotgun for multiple classes. Not sure if the flashlight will actually work… but if so… I wonder what that will mean. Slender maps could possibly get easier!

The Councilman looks like an Australian Ambassador’s little son, who’s mom is the Enforcer. No idea what it’ll do, but it looks great. Curious what an Australium Councilman will look like.

And the Hand Cannon is my favorite of this list, because IT’S TOTALLY A SCOUT WEAPON! Look at it! It’s in the medium-range category, has the sawed-off shotgun pump and handle, and the demonan’s weapon was in the long-range section. Sooo… my guess is like a weaker version of the Demo’s cannon for the scout. Definitely gonna try this one out right away.

This is wear stuff starts getting interesting.

The knife is obviously for Spy. I don’t really care about it.

The needle is odd. I’m wondering who it’s for. My first guess is obviously Medic but… doesn’t it seem like a Spy weapon too? But Spy already has a knife, so probably not. So if it’s for Medic, what will it do?

The Totemic Tool, oh my gosh. This could be anything. I get so giddy over Arms Race releases for the engie because we don’t just not know the stats, but we also don’t know if it actually changes the engineer’s buildings! This could give him a brand new sentry for all we know!

This is the part I really made this post to discuss. It’s so mysterious.

So let’s get the obvious out of the way - New Heavy lunchbox. Yay.

Okay, the other two items here are what have my attention. The Call Man Kit LOOKS like a Soldier secondary, but as we can see in at the top, the Engineer is holding it. Now, this could just be because the Soldier is already in the photo, but I think otherwise. I bet you it’s going to replace the Engie’s PDA or, which would be REALLY great, his Destruction Device… remote… whatever it’s called. No idea what this would do or how this would work, but DAMN am I excited AS FUCK!!

The War Widget is obviously a new PDA for the engineer. This would be the first new PDA for the engineer, ever. Now, remember how the Mini Dispenser was super popular on the Workshop and still is one of the most popular weapons? Well, maybe this could be it! If the Engie’s wrench changes his sentry, then his PDA could change his dispenser! Sadly though it seems the pictures on the buttons look like his regular buildings. But it’s not out of the realm of possibility until it’s in the game!

And lastly, these are exciting!

The Generator Cart probably is for the new Jungle map(s?), because… why not? It definitely suits the style.

The Space Cart though. This implies so much. I guarantee you this means new space maps. And possibly a revival of Bot Destruction and all things space-related in TF2. So much hype!



Infinite’s Boss Fight Revealed!

i may be happy that the baby vid is early but i’m also stressing bc if she doesn’t upload within the next 2 hours i legit wont have the chance to gif until like this time tomorrow :(