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絢瀬 絵里 #1025 → “すべてを満たす”

So the thing is…I’m busy af, full of problems because of all the bullshit that is going on in Brazil and yet…I REALLY wanted to make something for this sweet sweet person. heh’ ♥

I remember how happy I was when I discovered that his fav game was the same as mine, and I’m so glad I found you on youtube man…You cheer my days and the fandom is the best one out there.

So when this game came out, and I saw Jack play, i was so hyped! And i got full of feels when my cousin (who played with me when the SoC came out for the first time and he was around 8 at that time) came to me, now older and crying while saying how happy he was that this game came out and that we should play together. SO MANY FEELS! ♥

Aaaanyway, this was saddly just a quick 10min doodle. I’ve been planning to make something for ya a long time, but things used to get in the way and still do. I even started a big piece but never finished. Weeeeellll….

I still hope you like it @therealjacksepticeye, Im loving your gameplay!! And I love all your work! ♥ 

Well thank you guys and I will see all you dudes…IN THE NEXT VIDEO ARTWORK!!!! :D

the last yoi episode was great but when! will! we! see! female! skaters!!!!?!?!?! i want to see mila in action!! i want minako to come out with some sick ballet moves and blow everyone away!!! i want to see georgi’s ex-gf annihilate him on the ice and leave his crusty ass in the dust!!! i wanna see my girls! in! action!!!!!!!!!

Some of my favourite little tidbits I noticed in the Pokemon Sun&Moon demo

- As you approach another trainer the music fades out, the screen begins to go dark, and a spotlight appears to indicate how close you are to being spotted
- If you are using a ride Pokemon when you enter a battle, your trainer will remain in their ride outfit during the fight
- Other trainers will sometimes have Pokemon caught in pokeballs other than the standard one. I fought a kid who had a Pikipek in a Great Ball
- In a wild Pokemon battle you can use the Y button as a shortcut to throw a pokeball without having to go into your bag
- The bag has a section called ‘free space’. Which implies you’ll be able to set favourite items to that pocket for easy access
- The in-battle status screen. That keeps track of any stat changes or conditions like confusion inflicted on all Pokemon in battle. Like, why did it take them 20 years to include this 
- On a related note the move selection screen does tell you how effective a move will be on the opposing Pokemon. But it doesn’t do so until after you have encountered that Pokemon at least once. Which is such a nice little touch, because really, how would your trainer know the weaknesses of a Pokemon they have never come across before
- Hau is the most adorable
- Actually I think almost every NPC was adorable the people in this region are so chill
- You can almost constantly hear Pokemon in the background whilst you’re walking around which just makes the game feel so much more alive
- Your trainer actually sticks their hand out to open doors 

hey guys, get hype because preorders for the tmm zine are opening later tonight!! if you order the merch bundle you’ll be able to get this as a postcard as well as lots of other cool stuff, such as alexis’ amazing postcard!!

i’m super glad to be a part of this wonderful zine, thanks so much for organizing this alexis!! :’)

all anticipation and feels aside, i’m really so fucking hyped for day6′s full album, idc much about when they’ll exactly come back because just the thought of more or less 10 new songs being released next for their journey is so unreal to me, i’m really not kidding when i say that their music is the best for me, their songs take music to another level and i’m like ??? full ??? album ?? i’m not ready ????? so yeah i can’t wait to suffer, experience a thousand rebirths and promote the shit out of that album

somehow i ended up writing angst tonight??? so be ready for that???

Anti Headcanon

Next year just around Halloween, Jack’s webcam starts to glitch again. We notice, just like always and the fandom proceeds to go into full-on hype mode.

It progresses, this time the imagery is much darker. Jack is tormented by Anti. He’s crying in the glitches, hiding from us. Scared for his life, scared of what Anti will do to him.

 He’s trying to send us a message. We need to ignore Anti this time. Do what we failed to last year. But we don’t pick up on Jack’s signals and Anti gets the foothold he needs to take over for good this time.

It’s quiet this time. Jack’s crying in a corner, trembling. We can only watch as Anti does his worst. 
“Happy Halloween!” Jack reassures us he’s fine, same as always. But there’s something dark behind his eyes. He’s on edge

The fans are vigilant. We pick up on “Jack’s” mood swings, he’s easily angered, isn’t nearly as bouncy and lively and misses his signature ‘haha’s’ and :D :P faces. Something’s off and we know it. 

Anti’s in control.

His words are dark but what can we do? Two videos a day.

He’s angry. What’s he planning? Two videos a day.

He’s mocking us. We have no control. Two videos a day.

He seems to have come off his power high. Two videos a day.

He’s realizing he can’t keep this up. He’s slipping. Two videos a day.

Jack’s in there. Anti’s losing his grip. Every once in a while, we hear Jack giggle… One video a day.

Anti understands his mistake. He needed Jack to keep him alive. His fight. His love for us. Anti was feeding off that. One video a day.


It’s Jack?

He’s back to giggling like a little kid, making dick jokes and reminding us to stay positive. Two videos a day.