i get peoples frustration with the gender/race lock

but that outfit and hair is just <3

How to make great vapourware
Bad news: if you want to become a fossil when you die, you should know right now that it's probably not going to happen. Most of us don't end up as fossils.…

Here’s another thing that’s tough: good vapourware. Great vapourware, the triple-A stuff, which has only the very best development teams not working on it. It’s been an ideal week for thinking about this sort of thing, what with Sony fighting back against terminally unreleased games with its E3 conference. How the mighty have fallen - or should that be risen? The Last Guardian: thought that was mega-dead. Shenmue 3: thought that was an urban myth. Final Fantasy 7 remake: couldn’t even dare to dream.

There’s plenty to consider here, but what I’ve been ruminating on the most is this: How come some no-show games become legendary vapourware and others just get forgotten? It’s the fossil problem all over again, perhaps, and it makes me wonder. If you’re an unreleased game and you’re getting to be long overdue, can you tilt the odds of becoming classic vapourware in your favour?

On becoming vapourware.


Footage from the original pilot!