hypatia's models


I’m making a custom mario 64 level

I’ll post more about it tomorrow but basically i’ve been itching to do some level design so i just started sketching out a level. i feel like the basic level design is about 80% there so now its mainly just figuring out the flow of interactables and enemy placement.

but yeah this is a thing im doing. (there are high res versions of the textures in case ur wondering but i wanna make a good looking N64 game first before showing it off w/ them)

30 tris + one 1024x1024 texture.

Low poly chest for my MM redesign thing, mainly based on the WW and LttP chests.  i left uv space for the inside but i cba to do it tbh

i was actually streaming this originally but i ended up completely redoing the texture from scratch because i didn’t like how it was turning out. the new one uses as little hand painting stuff as poss and i decided to split the texture up into component lighting parts to make it easier to shade (i.e theres albedo, specular, ambient occlusion and directional lighting layers)