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Summary: You grew up with the city of Seoul in your veins, learning its secret and the way blood runs on its pavement. Taking the place of your father, you realize that power comes at a price and your shadow can’t protect you forever.

Trigger Warning: Minor Character Death | Language (?) | Violence

“See what they’ve been forced to do,” your father mutters as he gazes out the window, watching haggard men scurry down the grey alleyways in the wind. Your mother looks up at him apprehensively from the sofa. She hates these days, when he’s waiting for phone call or a knock at the door. He’s restless, introspective, and neither suit him. 

Beside her, you sit drawing a picture with felt-tip pens. Your father had made you turn the television off, claiming that the noise was giving him a headache. She doesn’t ask you what you were drawing. The last time, it was boy being punched in the face with blood spurting everywhere until he got red pen on the carpet. At three years old, you were already learning too much from your environment. 

“Little Y/N, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Your father asks. You don’t even look up.

“Just like you,” you chime back happily. They were virtually your first words. Your mother was worried so much, with all the rioting on the television, that some day you’d parrot back one of the new buzzword instead of “mom” or “dad”. 

“Can’t we leave this city?” She has asked too many times recently, with one eye on the street outside, the one she barely feels safe to tread on any more.

“My life is here.” Your father states. He operates on the illegal side of the vaguely defined line between legality and crime, taking advantage of the cracks in the system. This new atmosphere has given him opportunities beyond his wildest dreams.

“What about Y/N?” Your mother argues desperately, looking down at you. Your father stands up, having given his family enough of his presence.

“She’ll have Seoul running through her veins.”

She shakes her head. “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

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