"What is he to you now?"
  • Satsuki:Anyway, why are you alone here on a holiday? Go make some friends to play with!
  • Aoi:Why do I have to be lectured by you?!
  • Satsuki:This place is not a playground.
  • Aoi:Shut up! It doesn't matter to you whether I have friends or not! I'm not the only one whose alone! Usui's alone all the time!
  • Satsuki:Don't say that!
  • Aoi:I'm sure he doesn't have any friends at all.
  • Satsuki:That's not true, right, Misa?
  • Misaki:Ah, his friends? Um... Is Yukimura his friend? No, more like a pet. Is Kanou his friend...?
  • Aoi:How about you? What are you to him?
  • Satsuki:Geez, isn't that obvious enough?
  • Aoi:Just friends?
  • Misaki:No... It doesn't feel like that.
  • Aoi:Rivals?
  • Misaki:I thought so at first, but I'm not sure he thinks we are...
  • Aoi:"Thought"? You used past tense just now. Let me change my question. What is he to you now?