hyojin lee

“[Sohee] got me wondering if the only other actress I’d worked with who had experience working in two different fields was IU. Of course, Sohee is currently only active as an actress, but they (Sohee and IU) are different from other actresses. It’s distinctly different, getting to know a young, rookie actress, versus getting to know someone who has been working in this field since they were in their teens. I thought maybe they would be self-centered, but after seeing them, I thought they seemed more ‘adult’ than I am. IU is an elderly adult in the body of a young girl. She had more patience and control than I did. Even when the process got delayed, she controlled herself as if she were simply listening to music. Sohee isn’t like an adult in a young girl’s body, but more a very polite young girl. IU is polite too, but Sohee was polite to the point of almost discomfort. She seems to be naturally thoughtful, but she’s also cute when she makes jokes like someone her age should.” - Gong Hyo Jin


I’m,,,, in awe

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Park Seul

Park Hyungseok

Park Hyojin

Park Taejun

Park Sora

Lee Chihoon

Park Jiho + Ryu Hyeju

Lee Seyong + Hong Yonggi

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(n.b. : i just know that our kinsha couple a.k.a jhhj is break up. they are my fav couple and this is just heartbreaking. why my ship always end up with break up?! ;-;)