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master’s sun bts | never ending laughter 

also see how he doesn’t let go of her hand  (✿ ♥ ω ♥) ~♪


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Requested by @princejmn

Request: if you’re not busy could I have a jongdae angst/fluff scenario where you’re another idol and you’re dating but got in a fight and aren’t in speaking terms at the moment and he finds out you’re injured through twitter/interview or something. Thank you(:

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Member: Chen/Jongdae


“Why do you have to be so clingy, I told you I was busy at practice, Y/N, you should know what it’s like, I would have thought you, of all people would have understood what my schedule is like!” Jongdae started raising his voice a bit.

“I’m clingy just because I want to know why you stood me up for a date without a word for the third time in a row, the third?!” you emphasized, “I know what schedules are like, I’m just as busy as you are, but if you at least texted me to let me know that you couldn’t make it to see me, I’d understand, but why say nothing and leave me waiting for you all night just to have you not show up at all?” 

“I never complain when you have schedules, so why are you getting all worked up about me having my own?” he scoffs.

“Are you even listening to me? That is not even the point, the problem is you leaving me waiting all night for you, whereas I always let you know if I’m not going to be able to make it to see you. Why can’t you do the same in return so I don’t waste my time waiting for somebody that never shows up?”

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