And I feel like I’ve been intrigued by you in a past life. You in your black leather jacket, looking at me with glassy baby blues, a half smirk crawling across your 5 o'clock shadow while you raise your eyebrows at my blushing cheeks.

And I feel like I’ve been turned on by you in a past life. You in your brown suede shoes, tugging at your tie while you swallow in my gaze - staring, daring you to nuzzle your breath on my shoulder while you hold my trembling limbs in your palms.

And I feel like I’ve loved you in a past life. You and the way you gaze approvingly at me from across the room while I do nothing extraordinary but I feel so valuable. You and the way we walk into a room already speaking the same sentence. You and the way your dreams sound like realities to me… how your crude twist of tongue reaches my ears like a hynme; baptizing my doubts of ever being a good girl again. You and how your nights filled with spiked coffee and standup-comedy are nothing like mine yet I want them to be, so badly.

You and the way I want you in this life, like I wanted you in a past life, like I want you in every life, every way, always.

—  my soul aches for you