Take a closer look at the details behind the inspiration of the Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2016-17 collection, which explores the contrast of nature and industry skyscraper heights and human streets. Iconic architectural structures from New York city are embroidered, beaded and printed upon gentle yet generous forms whilst birds light across the collection. Viewed from the outside toward the city skyline or from within looking up to the dramatich heights and bright lights, each angle speaks of positive modernisim in a hymn to old New York.


Sufjan Stevens singing the Christian hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

This is one of the prettiest songs on Songs for Christmas, in my opinion, even though, from what I understand, this hymn is not traditionally associated with Christmas.

Religious Themes Had A Major Impact On The North During The Civil War-

Religion in the Civil War has not been so much debated among historians as it has been ignored. Of the thousands of titles dealing with the Civil War, surprisingly few address the significant role that religion played in framing the issues of the conflict.

  • Belief that America was preparing the way for the kingdom of God on earth helped to inspire the loyalty of both the Union soldiers and those on the home front.
  • From its famous opening line—"Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord"—to its closing stanza, Julia Ward Howe’s “Battle Hymn of the Republic” is filled with religious images suggesting the millennial imagery so prevalent among Northerners during the war.
  • President Lincoln acknowledged religion is of great importance as an American institution.

Religion In Modern Times-

Most simply dismiss religion as the enemy of reason and an obstacle to unity, and have been working to erase Christianity from the record books. As a result, the Bible is no longer taught in most public schools (even as literature), literature from the era of Christendom is usually ignored, and history textbooks’ treatment of the period of Christendom is often embarrassingly cursory.  

Photo:  Chaplain conducting mass for the 69th New York State Militia encamped at Fort Corcoran, Washington, D.C., 1861.



I don’t want to say I’m afraid of steeples
but the last time I prayed with my eyes closed
we were hand in hand and writing on church bulletins,
playing hangman;
man, let’s hang
and my hair was both shorter and longer
and you said my hands were like bird bones
they keep pushing me to go to church
and I can’t do it alone now
there’s demons in the communion dish dying to be swallowed
and I’d prefer not to face that without another hand
breaking the bones in mine.
Choir hymns have an eerie lullaby resonance now
amazing grace always sounds like it’s fit more for a funeral
I don’t know how to worship something I can’t see
or taste or touch
or kiss
I can’t find Jesus in a room full of open unpierced palms.


I would murder a fucker, or several fuckers, for a bloody mary right now. Or profusely thank and reward any of those same fuckers if one of them was to bring me a bloody mary in this, my hour of need.

My grandparents are here. And honestly, it’s surreal. My grandfather spends most of his time sitting in a corner and asking what’s happening and what’s just happened and, when he’s not asking, just singing hymns to himself.

I asked my father what he’s doing for dinner. “Trout,” he said. I asked what he intended to do with it. “Cook it,” he said, with a look and tone of voice that suggested to do anything contrary or additional with it – season it for instance, or apply heat to it in any way but by Baking In Oven Til Sad – would be borderline heretical.

I survived the week. I did it. And now I intend to sequester myself as much as I can, and move as little as I’m able, so as to limit the ways I can accidentally and slightly injure myself for a while. I had a screaming hot sandwich toaster fall shut on my got damn hand while I was cleaning it, bro. I broke a fucking nail, man. I have five new burns and scalds from this week, and terrible skin by my standards, and low self-esteem from constantly telling myself I’m stupid or whatever.

I was angry for three days straight, then flipped straight through into being anxious. Like on the edge of panic, and slipping over that edge a couple times on Friday.

I need time to relax. And remember who I am and what I do well. And then I can get back to doing it. Writing, etc. etc.

Sunday's Best

I saw them boarding up heaven.
100 plus men in their Sunday’s best, sealing up all the windows and door frames.
I begged until my knees were bleeding for someone to let me in.
I screamed in hymns so loud the iron gates were shaking.
Are the walls that high that you can’t hear me?
Am I so far from salvation that I’ve been banished?

If I cannot be holy, can I hear the reasons why?
What offense swayed the jury enough to
shut me out?
Can you pinpoint what sins were the grounds for my damnation?

I spent six months pining by heavens door.
Each knock shedding another layer off my knuckles.
When I gathered my skin, and turned to leave, I felt like a mist of myself.
A vapor-thin version of the man I was when they struck that first nail.

It was then that I realized that sin had never made me feel like this.
In fact, my sins forged me into steel.
I was a giant among men, standing like a fortress.
They rewarded me with euphoria and shut my fears out.
They never asked me to beg for them.

Maybe I am not meant for holy.
I could never board my windows up.
And besides I never liked my Sunday’s best.


Coldplay @ AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX, USA (28-08-2016)
#AHFODtour #ColdplayDallas
01- A Head Full Of Dreams (Longue Intro avec le discours de Charlie Chaplin)
02- Yellow
03- Every Teardrop is A Waterfall
04- The Scientist
05- Birds (avec Oceans en début)
06- Paradise (avec un remix Tiësto en fin)
Scène B:
07- Always In My Head
08- Magic
09- Everglow (Chris Martin & Jonny Buckland)
— *Muhammad Ali speech
Scène A:
10- Clocks (Army Of One en Intro)
11- Midnight
12- Charlie Brown
13- Hymn For The Weekend
14- Fix You (avec “Midnight” en intro)
15- Heroes (David Bowie cover)
16- Viva La Vida
17- Adventure of a Lifetime
Scène C:
— Kaleidoscope
18- In My Place (Acoustique demande de fan)
19- Don’t Panic
20- Til Kingdom Come
Scène A:
21- Amazing Day (Longue Intro)
22- A Sky Full Of Stars
23- Up&Up
24- Outro - O (Reprise)

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Songs that Litt own: The A team by Ed Sheeran, Over my head by The Fray, Time Bomb by ATL, Hymn for the weekend by Coldplay, Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips :")

ooooo shit i need to listen to these songs and make a playlist 

Only Takes One Time

Bucky x Reader

Prompt: #76 I think you need stitches

    #99 Be brave, sweetheart

Word Count: ~4100 (thats a warning in itself. Its long and detailed, but totally worth the read.)

Requested by: Anonymous

Warnings: Smut. (Blame @douchepoolonsie), unprotected sex.

A/N: SO. This has the potential for a second part. I’ll only do it though if you guys want it. (I’ve already got a plan for it ;) ) This takes place between Winter Soldier and Civil War. This was very sensual to write, like holy hell. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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   It was supposed to be a normal day like usual. Nothing interesting ever happened to you, and today shouldn’t have been any different. Washington D.C. was supposed to be a new start after a particularly bad break up of yours. A good relationship was hard to come by, and you’d tried multiple times at this point. Being the kind to fall in love at first sight was certainly one of your downfalls.

   Today was no different.

   You were about to actually start unpacking your things from boxes that had been sitting for weeks. That is, until you heard something crashing on your bedroom floor. You froze where you were standing, heart pounding in your chest. A burglar? You grabbed the closest thing you could find to wield as a weapon: a hanger. God that was absolutely pathetic.

   You quietly tip toed to your bedroom door, and listened carefully for any sound of movement. All you heard was a groan coming from the other side, and you carefully pushed the door open.

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I can’t believe this iconic no smoking PSA had the hymn Store on it and was released 4 years ago and then she updated it and then put it on EMOTION Side B…..bye