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The World’s First Female Author, Enhedu’anna

This ancient clay tablet from Babylonia is inscribed in Sumerian cuneiform and dates to the 20th-17th centuries BC. It mentions King Sargon’s daughter Enhedu'anna as the author of a hymn to the goddess Inanna. The tablet has lines written first by the teacher in the first column, with 2 students repeating the hymn in columns 2 and 3.

Enhedu’anna was the daughter of King Sargon of Akkad (2334-2279 BC), founder of the first documented empire in Asia. Enhedu’anna emerges as a genuine creative talent, a poetess as well as a princess, a priestess and a prophetess. She is, in fact, the first named, non-legendary author in history. As such she has found her way into contemporary anthologies, especially of women’s literature.


Persephone and Hekate  
Homeric Hymn 2 to Demeter 436 ff :
“[After Persephone was returned from the underworld to Demeter:] Then bright-coiffed Hekate came near to them, and often did she embrace the daughter of holy Demeter: and from that time the lady Hekate was minister and companion to Persephone.”

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Lovesick, Hymn

At night under the moonlight he laid, his eyes teary,

He wasn’t crying, it was his heart, filled with pain.

Under the trials of life, he’d become so weary,

Reaching out for his beloved, but in vain.


So deep was his pain,

So lovesick his heart,

In desperation and sorrow,

He reached out to God.


He called out to Him, refusing to believe He didn’t exist,

A hymn of praise, a prayer of sadness.

Words stuttered from his mouth as pain persisted,

Praying, longing for a way out of this mess.


He poured his heart out to God,

And told Him of his love for her, of his heartbreak,

Of the fear of never finding love again,

At the end of it all he felt at peace like never before.


His praises and prayers, in the stillness of night,

To a God he couldn’t see, yet his belief so strong,

Suddenly his heart is filled with a shining light,

Lovesick he was, but now a hymn of gratitude and prayer became his song.


A balsam for his grief,

His love for God is.

Because whether or not human love is finally acheived,

Celestial love will never cease to be.

- DG & e.V.e

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Written for @inkstay October word prompt #2 : lovesick, hymn

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So what is your take on the craziness that is The Locust God?

These are awesome colors and a plague of locusts is a sick reward for doing the broken things that Izzet spellslinger decks were already doing. My Locust God list is basically just fast mana, card draw, and anthems to make my bugs beefier; initial testing has shown that this deck is hella fun. Here’re the cards:

Accelerating the End

Fast mana is super important because the deck doesn’t really get rolling until the God’s on the field. I mostly went for stuff that could get him down two or more turns early, with the notable exceptions of Thought Vessel (because having no max hand size is sweet in a deck with this much card draw) and Thran Dynamo/Gilded Lotus (because they’re so useful in the turns after you cast him).

  • Coalition Relic
  • Basalt Monolith
  • Gilded Lotus
  • Grim Monolith
  • Mana Crypt
  • Mana Vault
  • Sol Ring
  • Thought Vessel
  • Thran Dynamo
  • Worn Powerstone
  • Ancient Tomb
  • Myriad Landscape
  • Temple of the False God

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“Hekate Einodia, Trioditis, lovely dame, of earthly, watery, and celestial frame, sepulchral, in a saffron veil arrayed, pleased with dark ghosts that wander through the shade; Perseis, solitary goddess, hail! The world’s key-bearer, never doomed to fail; in stags rejoicing, huntress, nightly seen, and drawn by bulls, unconquerable queen; Leader, Nymphe, nurse, on mountains wandering, hear the supplicants who with holy rites thy power revere, and to the herdsman with a favouring mind draw near.
— Orphic Hymn to Hecate (2-3rd Century BC)

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Hi, can i ask you a more accurate story of persephone?


Welll hi hi hi my Anonymous buddy! So you want to know the story of pretty little flower princess who was whisked off to the Underworld, cried then kinda thought ‘fuck it’ and became a Queen, GrEaT and TerrIBLE? My pleasure! However the accuracy I can’t guarantee - even the original sources tell this story several different ways. But yo, Imma try. Tbh it’s really all a huge metaphor for corn. But whatever, we’re here for the gods. So lace up ya sandals and slap some olive oil on ya booty, here we go.

It started when Hades was kinda not feeling the love in the Underworld, so he thought ‘hmmm, Imma get me a wife.’ However, wives were not allllll that plentiful in the Underworld, and although there were quite a few goddesses up top, which of them would want to forgo all the fuckin flowers and sunshine and green shit to come and live with him? I don’t expect many of them would want to, and Hades kinda thought the same. But he was determined to get him a wife. One day he was either derpin about with his helmet of Invisibility (Fun Fact: Hades’ name or Aides, as it is in Greek, actually means Invisible\Unseen) or wistfully looking up at the world of hot women, when he espied Kore (or as she was later known, Persephone) and her fuckin wonderful ankles. Seriously, it seems her ankles were something short of orgasmic. Anyway, in a kinda Disney moment of Love At First Sight he immediately knew she was The One. However. Problem:

Both Apollo and Hermes (sometimes ares and Hephaestus too) had tried to woo Kore, but Demeter had a fit of protective, motherly rage and threw their gifts at their stunned, godly faces (just another addition to Apollo’s lady woes - read more here. In fact he probably shrugged and just sighed). She then moved Kore away from all the Olympian gods into Nature. But Hades had A Cunning Plan. He went up to Zeusy-Pie and was like ‘sup brudda, can I marry yo daughter?’ To which Zeus replied ‘which one, I have like, fifty.’ Yea, Hades said “Demeter’s daughter, the cute one with flowers and the A+++ ankles.’ And lo, Zeus replied ‘I always knew you liked cute, fuzzy things.’ To which Hades countered (probably, I’m getting carried away like Persephone lol sorry that pun) “Fuck you.” And Almighty Zeus winked but said ‘Not today.”
Yes, Zeus agreed that Hades could marry Kore. Now, in Ancient Greek society, it was considered romantic to kidnap the woman you wanted to marry. In fact in some places (Sparta???) you actually couldn’t marry her unless you kidnapped her. Thus we get a lil bit of Greek social customs all mixed in with this myth, because what did Hades do? He kidnapped her. Some myths say she was picking flowers and he just opened up the ground, sort of thrust out his arm and yoinked her down under. Some myths say he burst forth upon a dread chariot and whisked her away to the Cave of Attis. Others say he created THE MOST beautiful flower the world has ever seen for, well, bait, (like seriously, this thing made the entire world ‘sing for joy’ apparently) and when she picked it he was like ‘gotcha! Zeus told me ladies liked flowers’ (lol what would Zeus know, he never tries actually be romantic) and carried her off. Varying degrees of Greek romance from the ol’ one armed snatch to the Eye-Shatteringly Beautiful Flower. So, Kore was taken down below one way or another and this, while providing a metaphor for the life cycle of corn (or Korn. Lol no, she’s not a heavy metal band) also royally pissed off Demeter.

Demeter went a̷p̵̧eś͞hi̷t̸̀ . Within reason; she didn’t know who the fuck had stolen her daughter. So she flew about the earth in grief and didn’t eat or drink. She even recruited Hekate to guide her around underground with her flaming torches. But Hades, Mr Invisible, seems to be the most hardcore (haha hardKore SORRY) hide-and-seek player ever. Kore was nowhere to be found. Then the two goddesses happened upon the titan Helios, who was kinda the sun but then Apollo’s also the sun, so they probably time-shared. Helios was like, “yo, I saw who took your daughter.” Demeter probably pinned him to the ground and screamed WHO AND WHERE, NOW! Helios was a chill kinda dude so he told her it was Hades, but he also said ‘yo, Hades is actually a pretty ace bro (he really is, read about Hades here) and she couldn’t find a better husband. Like, Hades is actually gr8.” He then rode off and probably shed some tears of unrequited man-love for Hades. But this made Demeter go into MEGA RAGE MODE. She didn’t let any crops grow. The mortal bitches starved and this did not make Zeusy-Pie happy. 

The King of the Gods then went to Hermes and was like “Listen son, Hades is sweet on you, so go ask him for Demeter’s daughter back.” (there is no Hermes\Hades in Greek myth, but sorry, I ship it so bad. Ignore my unnecessary shipping). So Hermes trotted off to the Underworld to see  his Mr tall, dark and handsome. MEANWHILE Hades probably noticed the amount of starved people dying and was like “ho gonna take my waifu away somehow, I just know it.” So he fed Persephone a (or a couple of) pomegranate seed(s), which would ensure she had to return to the Underworld.
So the male boo Hermes came down, asked for Persephone back and probably because Hermes is so cute, Hades didn’t get mad, but said… oh, fuck it, this is probably one of the nicest things a god has ever canonically said to their wife so Imma copy and paste it: “ Go now, Persephoneia, to your dark-robed mother, go, and feel kindly in your heart towards me: be not so exceedingly cast down; for I shall be no unfitting husband for you among the deathless gods, that am own brother to father Zeus. And while you are here, you shall rule all that lives and moves and shall have the greatest rights among the deathless gods: those who defraud you and do not appease your power with offerings, reverently performing rites and paying fit gifts, shall be punished for evermore.’ - Homeric Hymn 2 to Demeter Part III . And he fuckin kept his word on that too; Helios was right.

Y’all kinda know the rest of the story. Persephone organized a two-thirds-of-the-year timeshare with Hades (to complete the Corn Metaphor) and one third with Demeter. Hades got a wife, Demeter got to see her daughter, Persephone became a QueEN of DarKNESS but also got a really decent husband and the mortals didn’t die. All round good ending for everyone. 

This myth I generalize on a lot of things. It is told a variation of different ways, but my method on myths is this: I try and retell taking Ancient beliefs and customs into consideration, the translation of ancient languages\beliefs by modern scholars into consideration, overarching characterization, and I take the most well-supported myth and add bits of the other ones to it. I also use my knowledge of the original sources and how reliable they are (e.g I am more likely to refer to\trust a Greek source than a Roman retelling). You also gotta use a bit of your own intuition on myths because, yo, we’ll never really know which is the correct one. That’s why it’s a myth! But I hope you enjoyed my retelling of how Persephone was a delicate flower princess turned Queen of DaRKNESS . Original sources here, wikipedia here. Holy gods, that was long, but there it is c: Feel free to ask about anything else you like, my anonymous homie! Till next time!

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Homeric Hymn 2 to Demeter

“[After Persephone was returned from the underworld to Demeter :] Then bright-coiffed Hekate came near to them, and often did she embrace the daughter of holy Demeter: and from that time the lady Hekate was minister and companion to Persephone.”