Hylo is officially dead.

You all can argue, whine and complain. But the sad truth, is that this community is in shambles. We have fallen and I’ve been a fool to think we could stand back up. To those that helped make this place great, we thank you for sticking it out. To those that hold hatred, greed and malice towards anyone in the community, its a shame you dragged us down with you.

I will still roleplay with anyone from ‘Hylo’, all my closest friends. However this is the truth.

My characters no longer reside in Hylo forest. I detach myself completely from the name. The world they live in is something that can be visited by teleportation, timetravel and alternate universe jumping. Goodbye Hylo. It was fun while it lasted.

Should Hylo Forest become "Hylo Confessions"?

So seeings how this specific blog did not really take off, or get used the way I was hoping it would, I would like to know if I should convert it into being a confessions blog.

Members/Followers of the community should speak up on the matter.

All confessions would be anonymous, done in the style of RP petpeeves as well as some other confession accounts.

Speak up. Let me know what you think.