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I'm really surprised you haven't made a pilgrimage to Lebanon, TN yet.

god i know, as soon as i have enough money im going to austin to see all the filming locations (even the second part which is supposedly in lebanon is filmed in austin) and the roads where the final car chase are in california! but ya i gotta go to gueros and the texas chilli parlor that would be a spiritual experience tbh

hylocichla replied to your post:man i hate when my white friends say ‘yas’ like a…

my bf is guilty of this so much :(

i honestly find it a lot harder in a casual setting to call someone out on doing it too.. like completely guilty here of not being able to say much when it’s someone repeating something from tv or just randomly having some kind of aave outburst - i think i’m going to start using ‘calm down iggy azalea’ as a go to phrase of acknowledgement and calling of bullshittery lawl.

i mean it’s pretty common knowledge around here that this is a shitty thing to be doing and is definitely recognized as a microaggression against black people - i gotta try a bit harder to call it when i see it.