the importance of double consonants in the danish language

biler - cars

biller - beetles

vener - veins

venner - friends

hyle - howl

hylle - wrapping [something]

ryge - smoke

rygge - backs

pile - arrows

pille - pill

dame - woman

damme - ponds

være - to be

værre - worse

hede - heat

hedde - to be called

et cetera

I’m watching The Smurfs, a dreadful American English dub of the brilliant Welsh-language 80s cartoon, Y Smyrffs.

Netflix’s episode order is different from the Wikipedia order, so I shall watch them according to the former, while using the numbering system of the latter.  That way, nobody will mistake my blog for an authority.

Episode 3 - St Smurf and the Dragon

What do we learn from this first episode, then?

Craca Hyll (”Gargamel” in this dub) hates Smurfs.  No idea why.  In any case, he wants to find their village.

Tada Smyrff (”Papa Smurf” in this dub) makes a potion to turn the village invisible.

Potions are interesting in this story.  Nobody need drink the potions for the effects to take place.  As soon as Papa Smurf adds the final ingredient, the village becomes invisible.

The final ingredients are aeron eirias (”glowberries” in this dub).  Stocks are low, because a dragon keeps eating them.  The Smurfs befriend the dragon, Gargamel tries using the dragon against them, but it all works out for the best.