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Zelda Post!!! : Character Design (part 1)???

I didn’t change a lot of the designs for some of them like Midna and Ghirahim. But oh well here you have it guys! I probably may do a part two out of this and add more characters ,but these are the main ones.

ENJOY!!! Also my laptop finally works Hooray!

Thank you for a great year back in 2014 <3!

Its crazy that a year ago today I wasn’t really classed as Pokemon blog, But then I started making content regularly and decided just to focus on Pokemon.I kinda always had struggles for social communication with others, but I don’t feel that way no more thanks to you guys ^^(Making me feel welcome to this community)

Thank you pokemon-global-academy and latiox for inspiring me to become a pokemon blog and to make content!(Gifs, Edits,etc)

There is a lot more other blogs I want to mention too!

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Happy new year!^.^