hylian knights

Love Struck

Summary: Reader is afflicted with emotions they yet to comprehend. An unlikely advocate helps the reader with their issues. 
Word count: 1866

There was no way to ignore this feeling, it felt like you were soaring, but being pulled under water at the same time. Harebrained, finger tips always tingling, throat dryer then the Gerudo Desert, and with knees so wobbly you were afraid one step would do you in, it sometimes it felt like you had too much air, but also never enough. There were days you found yourself in a haze, eyes glazed over. Other times, your heart pounded so deep it you couldn’t tell if you were ascending, or about to die of a heart attack.

Flushed against the wall you held your clammy hands together. A wistful sigh escaped your lips as you blinked at the ceiling, reaching your trembling hands to your flushed cheeks. You sunk to your knees still staring off into space as another sigh released. You didn’t know what was wrong with you, but these symptoms were worsening day by day and only in the Zora’s Domain. The strange thing is that it wasn’t affecting you negatively, even with the bubbly feeling in your stomach that made you queasy.  

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Vaati: I wish I had a soldier to do my bidding. It’s like having an intern.
Green: I’m not an intern! I’m a Hylian knight!
Vaati: Poor Green. Don’t you know that the definition of knight is “errand boy?”
Green: That’s a lie. Right Princess Zelda? I’m not your personal assistant!
Zelda: …I could use a coffee.
Green: Sure thing. Cream and two sugars, right?

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For every ✍ + a number I receive, I will share one headcanon for my muse about…

4. How sensitive they are to insults.

“It would mostly depend on the kind of insult and in who or  what they are insulting. For example if you were trying to dishonor me, then you better be prepared to fight because Honor is somethin we Hylian Knights value a lot.”

“And one more thing. I hope none of you  dare to insult Princess Zelda, because if you do, you would have committed the biggest mistake of your life.” 

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Prompt: tp Zelda sneaks out of the castle at evening to meet Link at Telma's bar, to have a friendly chat, but it ends up with the realization they are in love with each other.

I’m so sorry it took so long! I honestly didn’t know how I wanted to write it so I just kinda went with it. Also it’s long but I hope you like it anyway!

Princess Zelda could hear the distant chattering and laughter, see the orange glow of light within the darkness of the tunnel, almost feel the change from the mundane of the castle to the gaiety just within her grasp. Her heart had picked up its pace and her footsteps a little faster too as she sucked in a breath, a small smile surfacing. She was excited.

Through the doorway she passed and at once she shielded her eyes as she waited for her them to adjust. The atmosphere welcomed her, beckoned her further to join in the drunken mirth, and maybe she would. Looking down at the people below her, average faces, some she recognized, and even her own Hylian knights, watching their flushed, smiling faces, but she did not spot the one who had invited her.

She closed the tapestry that revealed the secret passage and spotted Temla behind the bar. The bar owner smiled up at her and Zelda smiled back; she forgot how long it had been since she’d seen her. Temla nodded her head toward the end of the room where the least amount of people would see, and from up in the rafters Zelda walked to where Temla directed.

“My, Zelda honey, how long as it been?” Temla said as she helped her down.

“Too long, Telma.” The Princess replied and embraced her.

“Link is in the back with a few friends. We can catch up later, I’ll bring you some drinks.” Telma said.

Zelda spotted him from across the room, his gloves and hat had been removed, cheeks lightly flushed and pint of what appeared to be beer in his hand. She watched a smile creep across his face, eyes bright, and then he laughed.

She found herself walking towards him ignoring the stares and leering men sitting at the tables she passed. When Link noticed her his smile widened and he stood to his feet, pulling out his chair for her to take.

“I’m glad you could come,” he said.

“I’m happy you invited me.” Zelda returned.

The others at the table, the same group of people that had aided Link in the taking of Hyrule Castle, The Resistance, greeted her politely. She remembered them, Auru, Ashei, Rusl, and Shad, and each one of them bore a large grin and flushed cheeks.

“We are more than happy to be in your company again,” Rusl said before passing her a pint.

She took it graciously, but did not sip, having no need for it at the moment.

“Does Her Highness even drink?” Ashei jest was riddled with sarcasm, but Zelda heard the friendliness to her tone.

She smirked and said simply, “Here and there.”

“You have?” Shad did not hide his surprise.

“Of course she has! Up in her castle what else is there to do to pass the time?” Auru said with a chuckle. “Any drinking games Zelda?”

She was appreciative of the lack of formality, having no need of it, no desire for it, “A few.”

“Are you any good?”

“I might be,” her tone was nonchalant.

The gang got excited then, both because Telma had brought them hard Hylian whiskey in shot glasses and generously left the bottle, and also due to Zelda’s bold response.

“We shall play!” Auru slapped his hand against the table, his smile wide, his eyes fiery with excitement.

Zelda passed a glance at Link, and he smiled as he stared at her, daring her to accept. Looking back at Auru, she nodded. He then proceeded to explain the simple rules. Drink until the liquor cannot be held. The first to vomit loses.

“I hardly think this game fair,” Zelda said smiling, “You have a head start. I’ll win.”

Auru shook his head, “Bah! This is piss water!” He laughed and she saw Temla glare at him from behind having overheard. Zelda chuckled.

“And besides,” he continued, “you’re a little thing! You’ll be finished after three at most!”

It was Zelda that poured the whiskey and started their game. The gang cheered and drank their liquor was they watched, but it was Link’s eyes she felt most intensely on her as she lifted the shot and drank it down alongside Auru. The alcohol was smooth as it burned it’s way down to her stomach and heating her body. She stared at Auru, the challenge in her eyes.

And they drank together, shot after shot, and everyone watched with surprise and awe as she surpassed their expectations. She and Auru had drank down six shots and she could see the affects of the liquor starting to show in Auru. His cheeks were flushed red, a small bead of sweat had broken out across his forehead, and all brightness had disappeared from his eyes.

“You have no doubt–” Auru swallowed as he attempted to hold down his seventh shot, “exceeded my expectations.”

Zelda sat straight in her seat, her cheeks warm and pink, the corners of her lips turned up. She could not deny that she had become tipsy, but it was nothing she hadn’t experienced before. At least she was having fun this time.

“Do you still wish to continue?” She offered.

“Back down? Not from my own challenge.” Auru found it difficult to lift his arm, his mouth agape, and he blinked as if it clear his head. He tilted his head back as he drank the next shot. Zelda did the same and waited, her hand on the bottle ready to pour them both another glass. Auru blinked again, his breathing heavy as he struggled to compose himself.

“She doesn’t even appear phased,” Shad said to Ashei, “not in the least.”

“Strange to see our Queen drink so much, yeah?”

Zelda opened her mouth to reply, but it was Link who replied, “Castle life is different. Take up her crown first before you cast judgement.”

Ashei crossed her arms in defense, “There is no judgement here, Link. A joke, yeah?”

Before anyone could respond, Auru’s head slammed against the table, his body limp, and everyone laughed at the sight. Zelda sitting proud at the opposite end of the table, her eyes shinning and cheeks warm and pink, had beaten Auru. Rusl took a seat beside Auru and slapped his face, attempting to bring him from unconsciousness while pouring a glass of water. The older man groaned in response.

In between his laughter Shad spoke, “Such a surprise! No small delight!”

“Spill it yeah?” Ashei said with a grin and genuine curiosity, “How often do you drink?”

“Let’s just say I have led a few small council meetings,” she lifted her thumb and pointer finger, a tiny gap between them to explain her point, “just a little bit drunk.”

The group laughed fullheartedly and Zelda shrugged, her lips a smile, unashamed, “May not be my wisest of moments.”

“Abed and unconscious, and you will still remain the wisest in all of Hyrule.” Link said as he finished the last of his pint and the group erupted with laughter. His eyes turned on her and his smile crooked. Zelda however wasn’t sure whether his statement was a compliment or insult, but she did not ponder it long. Something in Link’s eyes–they had remained on her, alit with mirth, yet there something else Zelda was unable to recognize, not with her head fogged by such glee. Or was it the alcohol? Regardless, she found herself drawn to that look, it suited him well.

The evening continued with more drinks and stories. It didn’t take long for Auru to come to, and he too was joining in on the tales and laughter. Link had come to sit beside her while Shad was talking about what he had found in the Sacred Grounds.

“I’m sure your own discoveries are worth sharing,” Zelda whispered.

“There is only one person that would fully appreciate my stories.” Link returned, his voice even and smooth.

Zelda smiled, her heart warming at his flattery, “You have yet to tell me much of your journey.”

She watched Link as he tilted his head back to take a shot of whiskey, her eyes following the line of his neck, the bulge that moved as he swallowed, the vein that seemed to pulse and beckon her. She felt a disturbing desire to sink her teeth into that vein, to lick it and kiss it and suck it to red. Her eyes wandered to his jaw, and she imagined soft kisses there, and she felt her heart pound.

Her eyes then found his, a questioning look in them and Zelda realized she had been staring and he in turn had been staring back at her. Her blood drained from her face, skin crawled, and her stomach flipped and fluttered. Biting her lip she ripped her gaze from him and reached for her drink. Link rested on top of hers, stopping her from taking her drink. She stared at him and there was a challenge in his eyes, daring her to shy away. Zelda stared back just as intently.

“Goddesses, I love you,” Link said.

Zelda’s eyes widened at such an uncharacteristic, blunt yet brazen admission. Her heart beat quickened and cheeks flushed hotter than any drink could. Link, realizing his mistake, removed his hand from hers, the challenge in his eyes fading to embarrassment as he fumbled with his fingers.

“What was that Link?” Rusl chuckled.

Zelda then understand just as Link did that their friends has overheard. Looking at them, each one of them staring with such mischief at such new knowledge–jokes for the future at Link’s expense–there was nothing either of them could do to erase what was said. Zelda watched Link, his eyes downcast, embarrassment morphing into shame and regret.

“Telma,” Zelda called her over.

“Yes honey?”

“Another round for everyone please.” Zelda said with a smile, “I shall pay for it all myself.”

Ashei and Shad cheered and Auru chuckled in agreement.

“Now Zelda, that is not–” Rusl began.

“Oh do not worry, dear friend. Besides, tonight’s events are not over. We all have many things to discuss.” She returned lightly.

The drinks came and Zelda watched as they all drank. Link did too, refusing to touch any more, eyeing Zelda warily from time to time. She then asked him to walk her back the castle, and he agreed, thankful for the chance to get away from the gang, and he walked with her back through the secret passageway she had taken.

“Don’t worry Link,” she said with a smile, “ none will remember what transpired this night.”

He looked at her, “Is that why you asked for another round?”

“It is.”

He paused and the silence echoed through the stone tunnel.

“Will you remember?” He asked.

She grinned at him, giddy, “It takes much more than a drinking game and meek liquor to make me forget.”

At this Link said nothing but the concerned remained in his features. Zelda took his hand and her right arm gripped his upper arm as she leaned against him, placing her head on his shoulder as they walked. She felt Link tense at first before relaxing against her.

“I wouldn’t want to forget tonight Link. I love you too.”

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Hello! I was wondering what you think the relationship between the Links and the other Hylian Knights are.

Well, since Link’s dad is the captain, I feel like Link was frequently tagging along with the knights even when he was a little kid, and they all sort of got used to having him underfoot.  Kinda like he was everyone’s little brother or something.

I just went to look back through the pages with the knights to get a better feel for how to answer this, and all of a sudden I’m getting emotional about Valenzuela?  I think I headcanon that he’s an only child, but always wanted a younger sibling.

Anyway, much like Link’s dad, the knights seem to adjust pretty quickly to there being multiple Links.  Actually, it kind of amuses me how unsurprised everyone is.  I think the cook, Arcy, is the only exception, because she freaks out - y’know, like you might reasonably do if suddenly there were a bunch of clones of someone you knew.  But everyone else barely reacts.

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Any volgalink headcanons? :V

volga looks eternally grumpy no matter what he feels inside

link knows this and uses it to his advantage

the fellow hylian knights in his platoon think link is so cool to be calmly hanging around such a scary looking guy all the time (never mind the whole master sword hero thing) without flinching even once, and link kinda likes being a Cool Dude, so maybe he flaunts it a little.

volga knows exactly what he’s doing and thinks link is kind of an idiot…………… but tolerates it anyway for some reason.

(clearly this is tru luv)

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Hey there! What's are some of the best zelda blogs you follow? Do you know any Zelda-exclusive blogs?

Hi anon! Here are some of my recommendations:

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