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A thousand years ago I was convinced to make a Zora OC by some friends and I ended up getting hooked on the idea of him having a Hylian girlfriend, so I made these two to be together and then forgot they existed a while. But hey, here they are!

This is Tobias and his Hylian lover, Ethi! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Just a Smile - Part Two


SUMMARY: In Hyrule palace, there was one rule left over from the time of her great-grandfather, one that most certainly could not be broken: the guards on duty were not allowed to laugh.

But that never stopped Princess Zelda from trying.

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

Zelink AU where Zelda is a princess and Link is a guard who she’s trying to make laugh but can’t seem to crack. Part two of a larger fic of similar short bursts. Not attached to any particular game. Fluff af. 

““Just admit it, Link. You’re taken with the Princess!”

It was true. Link was taken with the Princess. Absolutely besotted, in fact. She was clever and beautiful and lighthearted, and if that wasn’t enough, she spread joy everywhere she went. There wasn’t a person under the King’s service in the castle that didn’t adore her, and he much looked forward to the time she spent in his presence.

It was the only time he’d ever get, after all.”

Writing after the cut!

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I had an anon hit me up for a Lynel drawing suggest, and I had asked them to get back with me about what they had wanted, but I never did get a reply.
So I figured that I’d give it a shot (I’d been wanting to draw one anyway) and I got a little too deep into my designing and accidentally created an OC.
Anyway, went with the Gold Lynel colors because I felt they’d look better with the Hylian blue. The bracelet on his hand is called “Zelda’s Trinket” and allows him access to the castle. He’s actually one of the Hylian Royal Guard, but he doesn’t fit into the human-sized areas well. He’s very gentle with smaller beings, and has on more than one occasion been a mount for someone. He’s quite loving with those he’s friends with, and can be counted on for hugs whenever asked.

Gerudo & Gerudo Town Headcanons

Because Nintendo fucked over what could have been a good idea. Basically, a compilation of my rewrite and restyle ideas (but still fitting the Gerudo into the Breath Of The Wild game) that I want to put somewhere and then revise and add to.

Took a some inspiration and linked some of my own headcanons to @queenriju ’s Gerudo tag and headcanons such as the concept of gender and the division of power between chiefs.

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A Blade for Death: A Sub Ch. of “A Tale of Two Rulers”

In a camp within the walls of Hyrule Castle, but just outside the palace, a large group of monsters laid gathered. Moblins and Bulbins grumbled amongst themselves, Lizalfos and Dinolfos barked, and Stalfos patrolled the camp perimeter. Just outside the camp tent, a lone Darknut stood on watch. For it was his job, as Captain of the armored units of Darknuts and Iron Knuckles, to watch over the horde of monsters in Lord Ghirahim and Lord Ganondorf’s absence. For they were all given orders to stay calm and “behave” as there master had put it, at least till after the wedding between his Lord and the Queen of Hyrule. There has been nothing but tension though, the Hyrulian Guard always watches. History has dictated that almost all confrontations between Hylians and Monster kind has ended in bloodshed. Captain Klinge himself has slain hundreds in his lordships name. Even the slightest dispute could cause mass destruction. The soldiers here are not use to just sitting around, and the Captain and his unit have had to “discipline” a few monsters who couldn’t contain themselves.

Just then a group of Hylian Guards strolled into the camp, carrying the body of a bloody Moblin. There is a silence in the camp, nothing but the sound of crackling fire for the moment. As some monsters raised their weapons, and the Hyrulian Guards about to raise their own in defense, the Ironclad Captain raises his hand in a signal to halt hostilities. “Despicable creatures, as member of the Royal Hylian Guard and Commander to her majesty Queen Zelda, I demand to speak to whoever is in charge of this group of cutthroats assembled”, said the lead Hylian. Some snarls came from that last insult. Tension was rising and you could feel the murderous intent. “Well since Lord Ganondorf is with the Queen and Lord Ghirahim is…preoccupied at the moment, I am in command”, said the Captain with a voice cold. “If you would like, Hylian, we can talk inside the tent. The rest of your unit can stay outside.” The Hylain Guards looked at each other, considering if it would be wise to be separated. “Agreed”, the Hylian Commander said. Inside the tent the two stood at opposite sides of a table. “Now then monster, the reason I’m here. One of your disgusting Moblins was found sneaking around where he shouldn’t of been. I understand that there was an order for you lot to stay put. I thought you mutts could at least follow the commands of your master”, the Commander spat. The Captain, not being intimated by the Hylian, simply replied, “Our loyalty is not in question. We all live or die as Lord Ganondorf wills. At his word, I would cut out my own heart. Or yours…” The Commanders recoils as the Iron Knuckle leans in. “If the little Moblin had left the camp, he was either ordered to do so, or a had a death wish.” “Listen to me, whatever you are, I don’t care if the Queen has ordered us to merely observe”, the Commander said quietly, with wrath in his voice, “If I see a single one of you evil monsters leave the perimeter again, I will descend upon you and slaughter you all.” The two warriors locked eyes for a moment, each gripping the handles of their weapons.  The Captain then asked, “Tell me something, Hylian, are you truly obedient? That is the difference between us. You would let your emotions get in the way of your orders. What kind of Queen can’t keep her soldiers in check?” The Iron Knuckle chuckled softly and then, as if to hide his words from the Gods themselves, whispered, “Now between you and me, I don’t believe for a moment that this truce will last. And the second that my Lord orders it, I will cut through your men, I will find you, and I will personally cut your head from your body.” It took every bit of willpower for the Commander not to attack. The Captain then continued, “But in the meantime I will make sure there are no more incidents with the soldiers of my army.” The Commander, seemly content, started to walk back to his soldiers. He then said to the Captain, “By the way, do you think a killer like you could ever enjoy a peace between us?” The Iron Knuckle just stared at him. Peace? What a concept, he himself had never considered that an option in his life. While no Demon, he was still a cold hearted warrior and had only been taught to fight in this kill or be killed world, and found purpose in serving his master. With some thought he only replied, “I do not know Hylian, I do not know.”

After the Hylian troops left, and then drilling the soldiers to not disobey orders by leaving the camp, the Captain thought more deeply about the meaning behind their trip to Hyrule Castle. His Lord Ganondorf and the Queen Zelda were to be married in a very short time. This would be mean an alliance between both forces, and a stop to the war that seemed to never truly end. Peace. Then what? Would the armies disband? The Moblins living in forests and the desert, the Lizard men going back to the mountains perhaps? And what of myself? All I know is how to fight, to kill, and live for the glory of battle and maybe a death worthy of myself. Who would I fight if not the Hylians or the tribes in their borders? The Hero of Legend had not shown for a long time, a hero that could possibly kill a warrior of my caliber. And I could never just live a life with another, I am to corrupt at this point to find “love”. I would follow my Lords orders without question or regret, but a part of me wishes the truce does not fall through. Breaking his thoughts, a voice called for him, “Oooooh Captain, Captain Klinge, I have orders for you!” It was the Demon Lord Ghirahim. The Captain stood at attention. “Yes my Lord?” “Our master has asked of you for a special service”, the demon said, “He wants you and an armored division to stand guard during the wedding itself.” “We can’t have those filthy Hylian Humans be the only guards on station during such a spectacular event”, Ghirahim said licking his lips. “Now prepare your men, the wedding takes place in an hour. Do NOT be late!” And with those final words Ghirahim teleported away. The Captain, left alone again, moved quickly to prepare his men.  He tried to push thoughts regarding a possible peace away for now. He decided in the end he would obey his master, and just let the Gods decide his fate.

Rinku woke to the smell of smoke. Something was burning on the other side of her bedroom door. Ganondorf. She didn’t trust that man from the beginning. His hand had to be behind this. She grabbed a dagger from inside her pillow and rushed for the door. Rinku instantly regretted grabbing the door as it burnt her hand. Swearing to herself from the pain, she knew it was only matter of time before the flames would engulf her room and burn her to ashes. “Come on, come on”, Rinku said frantically looking for an escape. The window. She rushed to it, and pulled it open. Below her was a view shocking beyond all belief. The castle town was engulfed in the very flames of hell itself. Monsters ran through hunting down any people still alive. Rinku even thought she heard a scream…

“No, focus”, she said trying reassure herself. She looked to the her left outside and saw an open area in the form of a destroyed wall. If she was careful she could scale the castle wall and reach that room. Rinku took a deep breath and took a step out. She slowly climbed along edge of the castle. “Don’t look down, just don’t look down. Your not a coward, you can do this”. At last she made it to the wall. Inside were dead Hylian Guards and Moblins. Rinku knew she had to find mom and help her fight that terrible man. She ran through the hallways, heading to the throne room. It felt like an entirety just getting there. All around her was fire and blood. She burst threw the doors and saw the horrible carnage that taken place. Leading to the throne room was the bodies of the Royal Hylian Guard, slain Darknuts, and Impa herself, with a trident sticking through her. On the throne itself sat Ganondorf and below his feet, Rinku’s  mother. Tears of sadness and anger swelled up in her. “You Bastard, I’ll kill you for this”. She drew her dagger and charged. A part of her knew she couldn’t win, but she didn’t care. She had to avenge her mom and defeat him. Suddenly, something grabbed her leg. “Wha-”, Rinku started to say, only to be violently yanked from her feet and be dragged into darkness. The last thing she saw was Ganondorf laugh to himself as flames consumed everything.

“NOOOOOO”, Rinku screamed as she woke up from her makeshift bed of leaves. “Hey, Whoa, is something wrong”, said the Skull Kid. The little imp looked at Rinku, tilting his head curiously, wondering what was wrong with his friend. “No, everything is fine. Just a bad dream”, Rinku said back to the Imp. She got up, “Sorry if I startled you”, she said apologizing to her friend. “Hey Navi, if you’re there, I’m heading back to the castle now.” Rinku waved goodbye to Skull Kid and started walking home. She thought about the dream she had. Maybe she was just overly worried about Ganondorf becoming her father, but regardless she swore to herself that she would be ready if he even thought about hurting anyone she loved. She would make him pay indeed.