New HoT Posts: Masteries and Hylek

   ArenaNet has released two new article pertaining to the upcoming expansion today. One introducing the new hylek races and more information about the mastery system. The mastery article was fairly short and basically reiterates what they have already told the community. If you would like to read the Masteries article, just click the link.

   The itzel and nuhoch have been flesh out in detail. They, like the hylek, are part of the frogman race. Each of the species have many similarities and differences between one an other.

   The itzel call the jungles of Maguuma their home. They live above the forest floor, high in the safety of the trees; they enjoy life, community and music. Itzel look like larger versions of rain forest tree frogs, colourful, slim and agile. Like the hylek, the itzel are adept at alchemy, specifically toxic potions. However, unlike the hylek, itzel are archers and ambush their enemies.

   Nuhoch are powerful brutes, that resemble bullfrogs/toads. They couldn’t be any more different from their itzel brethren; strong, durable and somber. The nuhoch came into the jungle in search of a new home. The itzel helped them learn and adapt to the hazards of the jungle, since then both tribes have become good allies. They have their distinct issues, but stick it out for the alliance as a whole, which they consider a big family.

   While the hylek worship the sun god, Zintl, the itzel and nuhoch do not. Instead, they follow the goddess of nature, Ameyalli. They think of her as the spirit and substance of the jungle and thank her for providing the resources of the jungle.

   Mordremoth and its minions are believed to be unnatural and invaders to the these hylek, they consume and destroy what the Ameyalli gives them. They have quickly learned to burn their dead, in order to prevent their corruption. Another new enemy the tribes face are the devout followers of Zintl. This group of hylek can currently be found in the Silverwastes, where they have captured other hylek in an attempt to forcibly convert them to their beliefs.

    The pictures and information from this post can be found on from ArenaNet’s original article. If you would like to read the whole article, the post can be found here, Hylek in the Heart of Thorns.

Lore Spotlight: Nochtli

The hylek have an old legend of an ancient hylek tribe in a valley with only one source of water–a small river. One day, that river dried up without warning. The tribe sent their greatest warrior upstream to discover why. After three days of hiking, the warrior reached the stream’s source. There he discovered a horrible monster, a beast that had grown greedy and begun drinking all the water for itself.

The warrior tried to reason with the monster, but it merely laughed and pushed her into the muddy riverbank. Angered, the warrior raised her spear and struck, splitting the monster’s belly open. The water rushed out of the monster in a great wave, flooding the entire valley. The warrior and her tribe were all washed out to the sea, where they met their ultimate end.

The hylek tell this story to remind their amini warriors not to act rashly. Nochtli takes this story to heart. Long ago, she left her tribe behind in favor of the seclusion of Dry Top. There, she hones both her wisdom and her combat skills. She found the quiet mesas of Maguuma are perfect for meditation and sparring.

Though she does her best to keep herself fighting fit, Nochtli hasn’t had many sparring partners over the years. Maguuma is quiet for a reason–few venture there. But that changed recently. First the Inquest came. Then the Zephyrites. Then the Seraph. Then roving bands of adventurers and mercenaries. Nochtli doesn’t know why her little corner of Tyria is suddenly so popular, but she’s willing to test these newcomers in a way the Wastes alone could never do. It wouldn’t do for them to venture into the jungle unprepared, now would it?

All these visitors… Nochtli finds it strange. Why, it’s as though they just dropped out of the sky…