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Guide for the Truth about "High End" Girls

So, for awhile now I keep getting inquiries from various new girls asking how to be “High end” or attract high end clientele. Although, it’s been a combination of experience, business instincts and intuition that keeps me successful, it was definitely superficial and unfair traits I was blessed with that branded me as “upscale”. The cold hard truth is that most women won’t be able to meet the “high end” requirement simply because of competition. The list below is comprised of universally accepted traits that are a prerequisite for ATTRACTING high end clientele.

The industry operates on first impression. The things below are usually the bare minimum traits whereas humor, kindness, intelligence etc. are more like bonuses that can help maintain clients over time AFTER they get to know you. You can’t get to know somebody you don’t even want to open the door to.

1) Youth; the most prime age is 18-25. This is not a hard rule as some women can stay youthful for quite awhile. HOWEVER, this IS the age range your COMPETITION will be.

2) BEAUTY; this is an industry based primarily on attraction. Remember, a man won’t pay to fuck someone unattractive. Although some women may be able to defy the beauty standards by out shining in other traits but those are the anomalies. The hard TRUTH is this industry is most beneficial for girls of traditional or stereotypical beauty.
-Nice teeth: Doesn’t necessarily need to be perfectly straight but does need to be healthy white.
-Clear or nice skin: It radiates youth and is regarded as hygienic. Stretch marks are okay. Not many men will see a problem with it.
-Curves: This is optional because many wealthy men love the fashion editorial look. Don’t be discouraged if you’re more flat.
-Thin: This one is unfortunately one that not many people will be honest about. Whether you have big bouncy curves or not, your waist and overall physique should still be considered thin or toned. There is a fetish for BBW but that is a small pool.
-Well kept hair: Another matter of looking presentable and hygienic.

3) Education; no wealthy and educated man will embarrass himself with a bimbo on his arm when he could afford beauty AND brains. That’s not to say people without degrees can’t trick their audience into thinking otherwise. I know some girls who barely made their GED but managed to self educate and carry themselves in a way they pass as Master graduates. Ladies, learn to read and study for fun.

4) RACE; a very unfortunate and hard truth for the industry. If you’re a black sugar baby, it will be harder for you than your white or Asian counterparts. I’m not sure if it’s because there are more black SW’s or there’s still racism or a combination of the both. This is just something I’ve observed about the competition. There is an overwhelming amount of black and Mexican SW’s in the industry struggling.

5) Schedule flexibility; it will be much harder to make a lucrative career out of high-end SW when you only have a few hours each week. These men are paying high rates for you to accommodate to their needs, not the other way around.

I recognize there are of course women who are the exception to some or all of these traits but I got tired of seeing posts painting a delusion to every young and naive girl that they can pursue a ‘glamorous high end lifestyle’. It is one thing to be a SW and another thing to be a SUCCESSFUL SW where the money is actually worth it. Often times, the mistake is marketing yourself in the wrong image for the wrong clientele. I wanted to be brutally honest because not every woman’s potential money is equal. While the risk is the same, this industry IS easier for some than it is for others.

The more traits a girl has on this list, the higher the POTENTIAL income will be. It is still up to a variety of other factors for the potential to solidify into a tangible number. This is simply a list of traits generally highly sought out by POT’s or clients.

I have met MANY middle-end SW’s who have much better work ethics and business instinct that ended up making a SHIT ton more than a high-end girl.

All in all, don’t be discouraged if you don’t fit many of the traits. Readjust your vision of intended audience and market yourself correctly. Rather than cluelessly not make any money as a small fish in a large pond, be the big fish in a smaller pond. Be realistic and be smart. Go get that money. 💸💸💸

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How would the vets and cadets teach sex ed

Mikasa: Only reproductive sex ed! And that’s embarrassing already
Reiner: Bad
Bertholdt: Who knows, no one can understand his stammering over the word ‘vagina’
Annie: Would just give the kids a text about sex and that’s it, bye
Eren: Stresses how important this topic is, only covers half of the stuff
Jean: Ends up talking about kinks
Marco: Too many metaphors
Sasha: Does it quite well and informative, does anything to avoid saying ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’ though
Connie: ‘This goes there, then these go here and then there’s a baby’
Historia: Does a good job actually, concentrates mostly on reproductive health and genital hygiene
Armin: Very educating, very diverse, good!
Ymir: Only talks about girl’s anatomy
Levi: “Sex is filthy, don’t do it” goes home
Hanji: Shows kids way too explicit videos
Erwin: Endless monologue about sex
Nanaba: Doesn’t get around to health risks enough
Mike: Draws the whole process on the black board

Interesting how, at the beginning of Gotham in S1 you look at Oswald like, ugh the makeup, they’re definitely going to gradually make him even more and more grotesque until he looks just like the comics or even worse Burton’s/DeVito’s penguin. But then they just gradually made him cuter and fluffier and taught him about hygiene and mascara and educated him on suits and toothbrushes and stuff.

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Organized Serial Killers

Organized serial killers usually share these common characteristics:

* IQ above average, 105-120 range

* socially adequate

* lives with partner or dates frequently

* follows the news media

* may be college educated

* good hygiene

* usually contacts police to play games

* doesn’t experiment with self-help

* kills at one site, disposes at another

* may dismember victim

* holds a conversation

* leaves a controlled crime scene

* leaves little physical evidence

* responds best to direct interview

* Able to maintain normal family life

A few examples of organized serial killers include Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy.
“What I love about my job is seeing the overall picture of UNICEF’s work.”

Adam Christopher Tibe, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at UNICEF Philippines – Tacloban Field Office

If you had to describe your job to a 5 year old, how would you explain it?  

I ensure that UNICEF is on track in keeping our promise to as many children as possible. Do you go to a safe school? Do your parents and neighbours know where to go or what to do when a strong typhoon or earthquake happens? 

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