Society so you want me to

1. Work a 40 hour week job
2. Pay my bills
3. Get a gym membership so I can be toned and tight to solicit a piece of dick.
4. Be successful
5. Get into a relationship
6. Go to college
7.Buy food & hygene products
8. Do social media
9. Go out and meet people
10. be happy 24/7

Who’s got the time? The energy? The funds to be doing all of this???

As Requested: Workout Hygiene and Beauty Routines! 👟💦💅💄

Pre Workout:


  • cleanse with a gentle cleanser
  • if working out at the gym: moisturize with a non spf moisturizer
  • if working out outside: moisturize with a spf moisturizer


  • I didn’t previously wear makeup to the gym but my skin got quite bad recently (due to poor skincare routine - will talk about later) so I sometimes put a dab of concealer on especially red marks.
  • I leave other pimples/eye bags alone - just cover the healing red spots from popping pimples that stick out like a sore thumb.
  • I’ve also started applying soft eye makeup to enhance my eyes (bit of dark brown shadow in the upper eyelid crease with a small line of eyeliner on the top outside corners of my eye, and along the upper waterline) as I’ve noticed it makes me feel super put together at the gym and is awesome for post gym selfies!
  • no mascara so removing is a breeze. which brings me to…

Post Workout:

I jump in the shower! but of course its never as easy as that…


  • I use a gentle cleanser to get rid of all of the sweat/concealer and most of the eye makeup
  • then I just wipe the excess makeup under my eyes post shower and leave the remaining makeup above my eyes for the rest of the day! it leaves my eyelashes looking really long and black and looks like a totally effortless smokey eye!
  • I then moisturize with a gentle moisturizer all over, followed by an antibacterial moisturizer along my hairline, on pimple threatening areas, and on the back of my neck/upper back. prevention is key!


  • For my body I first use a soap bar - as they remove more bacteria than most body washes.
  • I then (if I’m not being lazy) use gentle moisturizer to nourish my skin after being stripped from the soap.

Washing Hair

  • Since my hair is so long, I don’t always wash it after - it depends on how sweaty I got/where I am in my hair wash cycle.
  • If I got very sweaty all over my scalp, or it has been about 2-3 days since I last washed it, I’ll wash it.
  • If I got semi-sweaty but just washed it yesterday, I’ll clip it up and only wash the sweaty bits- around my face and behind my neck and ears.
  • For shampoo I use any brand and focus on lathering my scalp (not actually the easiest task) but make sure you’re getting to the scalp and not just the hairs above it.
  • For conditioner, again I’m not loyal to one yet :) I focus on applying to to the ends, but apply it all over my hair even my scalp a little bit. Shampoo can be so drying, and stripping it from all moisture is pretty rough, so I let the conditioner apply a little bit back. think about it - you can either wash it more often (2-3 days) and apply moisture to your scalp each time so its clean and nourished and not over producing oil, or wash it less often (3-4 days) and not apply moisture to your scalp, but this is still stripping it and waiting for your body to produce sticky oil to make it nourished again. I know which I prefer!
  • I then use a wide toothed comb to comb out knots, then a thinner toothed comb to make sure every strand of hair got nourished :)
  • Then I leave it in for 5 mins before rinsing with cold water to lock in the moisture and keep it soft :)

Drying Hair

  • This is different for everyone, but my hair type is long, thick, brown but highlighted-to-blondish hair.
  • I leave it in a towel turban for about 5 mins to remove excess water.
  • Then I apply a leave in treatment and (leave-in) for -10 minutes depending on whatever I do in that time (find an outfit for the day/check emails)
  • Sometimes I just leave my hair to dry naturally, but its kind of like Russian roulette as to whether its gonna look cute, or look like Hermione from earlier harry potter films (still cute, but not the cute I’m going for)
  • So if I decide to dry it, I always first spray hair protector all through. Make sure you’re hair protector is good quality - some have oils in them that actually cook your hair if you apply heat! so props best to find one that makes your hair soft afterwards, not burnt.
  • Then, after combing out any knots, I dry it to the bone - no moisture leftover otherwise we’re back to Hermione again (sorry Hermione, again, just not the look I’m going for)(why do I feel the need to apologize to a fictional character) ok back to drying hair - I find clipping up sections helps a tonne here (must-not-pun) and allows you to dry the roots without burning the top layers too much.
  • Once dry, I style. different for everyone, but one time my hair dresser put curls in my hair for my birthday and since then I’m addicted. they look super cute and bouncy on the first day, then drop and look even better on the second, and then on the third it looks like long natural waves. It is a bit of effort on the first day, but being able to just wake up on the second and third, even fourth, with effortless soap opera hair is fab!

Styling hair

  • I do it in 3 sections: bottom, middle and top
  • I first clip up the middle and top sections so I’m left with the bottom third, part in the middle and bring the sections to the front on each side and apply more hair protector, comb out any knots, and curl in the direction away from my face. this opens your hair out and back which I find looks better than curling in towards your face :)
  • I then repeat for the middle and top sections, tying the already curled sections behind my head to keep them out of the way and avoid mixing sections.
  • And voila! ready for the day!

This looks like it takes a lot of time but I can assure you that’s just my writing style and me going off on tangents haha. Takes about 30-50 mins to go from sweaty beast to effortless beauty, depending on the extent to which I wash/style my hair.

Hope I helped! and let me know any other workout/routine/vegan/beauty related stuff!

Disclaimer: all products I use are vegan and not tested on animals. Even if I say “any product” I mean any vegan & not tested on animals product. :)


matsu kissability ratings

osomatsu: a cutie patootie, but also an asshole. drinks a lot, probably isnt the best with oral hygene. definitely would be too touchy-touchy and/or overzealous with tongue. 2/10
karamatsu: the eyebrows are a good look. hes a very sweet guy but he’d try way too hard to make the moment last. i just want a smooch, buddy, i didnt need a really bad, awkward makeout session. youre not even sure of yourself and yet you try to take charge. its cute, but annoying. 5/10
choromatsu: i love him and his little triangle mouth so much whenever i see him i want to kiss him immediately. hes kind of a creep though, and definitely unsure of himself. submissive enough to be an enjoyable kiss experience without too many awkward moves being made. 7/10
ichimatsu: either too shy to let you kiss him on the lips or way too overzealous with the tongue and teeth. it takes an experienced person to wrangle this beast, so i don’t recommend attempting to kiss him if you’re a beginner. he’s definitely got an abundance of cute points, but smooches are gonna be ugly. 6/10
jyushimatsu: hes very enthusiastic, but there’s spit everywhere and he has this habit of opening his mouth but not investing any tongue. cute if you like a very excited grown-ass man probably slobbering on you a little bit too much for comfort. at least hes genuinely eager to get to know how to kiss you! he just gets excited. 6.9/10
todomatsu: will pick up on how to kiss quickly, and will subsequently figure out how to push your damn buttons. this kiss is for the ones who like to tease or be teased. his lips are unbelievably soft. 9/10

yeah man, I mean panic!’s music was good, but obviously first role of business after signing them was teaching them how to wash their hair since it was a distracting lack of hygene. I run a clean business. brent was a little apprehensive at first, which is why we decided to switch to a newer, cleaner model.
—  Pete wentz, probably

I am a NOT pro lifer but if you can’t acknowledge that abortion becoming legal in many parts of the United States and other countries was tied to racial hygene and eugenics platforms then you are in denial. The most extreme being the Nazi natal, family, and racial policies of the 1930s. This part of its history cannot be swept under the rug if you support women’s right to choose at least acknowledge the original supporters of abortive rights did so very very bad reasons. 

i know the cool tumblr thing is to want someone to finger you all across the place,at dinner, in a restaurant, in a field, under a bridge, behind a building and weird places and what not. but you need to make sure that before someone touches you that they wash their hands and have clean finger nails. because that’s how people get UTIs and other bacterial infections

so if you gonna be nasty, be nasty. but also be hygenic

“Ah, the perfect gift…”

Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful time with the most wonderful gifts. Although I would advise that you refrain from killing bystanders at a party in order to get a gift for your crush stalkee.
Fanart of @fighteramy ‘s amazing comic, Lab Buddies!

shoutout to all the autistic people that do the following things
(I do all these things)
  • can’t cross the street on their own so they have to wait for someone else
  • pee their pants sometimes
  • have trouble remembering to eat/perform hygenic tasks
  • cry when have to talk to cashiers/tellers
  • can’t wait in lines because of an inability to stand still
  • can’t wear layers because of the sensory problems
  • have their house in constant disarray no matter how much they clean

anonymous asked:

What all common pigeon ailments are there (like coxidia, lice, etc) and how would you handle them aside from regular vet checkups?

Oh, gracious, Anon, there are a ton!

Bird Flu, interestingly enough, is NOT one of them. It can’t survive in doves or pigeons, so they can’t catch or carry it.

Conjunctivitis is common. (Pink eye) Usually an infection at the site of a pecked or scratched eye.

Salmonelosis is another super common disease, cause by salmonella infection.
This is another that you prevent with good hygene, because it’s a VERY hardy bacteria notorious for systemic infection that is the very devil to fully get rid of!

Canker, which is caused by a flagellated (and therefor mobile) Protozoan. Passed through share drinkers and orally from parents to chicks.
It attacks the lining ofvyhe mouth, crop, and throat and manifests in painful, yellow cheesy patches.

NOT to be confused with Thrush, which looks nearly identical, but is caused by the same yeast that cause vaginal infections in humans.

DO NOT mix these up, as the treatment for one makes conditions more favorable for the other!

Coccidiosis has been mentioned before, as it is one of the most common ailments. A waterloving protozoan that attacks the lining of the intestines, so that the body tries desperately to flush it out. Cause of death is dehydration by diahrea. Pigeons are very tolerant and if unstressed, can cary a huge gutload with no symptoms.
Doves have NO resistance what so ever and will immediately sicken and die.

E-coli, yes, the same bug that food poisons humans when not in our intestines (It’s part of our natiral gut flora, but a pathogen anywhere else.)

Pigeon Pox: No cure for this one. The pigeon equivalent of smallpox.
Dry form is spread by mosquito bite. Pox lesions emerge on the skin of the bitten bird, then dry up and fall off. That’s the end of it for this bird, and it is now immune.
Wet form is airborne. When the dry form scabs come off, the virus is released on dust particals into the air and a large number of them remain attatched to the scab.
If the scab is pecked at by another pigeon, pox lesions will develop inside the bird, all along the digestive tract from esophagus to stomach to intestines.
If virus laden dust is inhaled, lesions develope in the lungs.
These are both painful, gruesome deaths.

PMV is the scary one we’re really having to watch for right now. There is no cure or effective treatment.

It’s airborne, spreads like wildfire, and the current spreading strain has a 70% mortality rate.

Initial symptoms mimic coccidiosis, but the birds develop more and more severe neurological symptoms. Poor coordination, torticolis (twisted neck), and eventual paralysis.
All you can do is hand feed and pray.
Inconclusive as to whether or not survivors continue to shed the virus.

Circovirus: Basically contact passed pigeon AIDS. No vaccine or effective treatment. Damages leucocytes like HIV in humans. Actual cause of death is a combination of secondary infections.

Adenovirus: A nasty thing that infects peeps and remains luring in their system for life, but is only active in immune suppressed birds.

Type 1 in peeps causes vomiting and diahrea, from which most recover.

Type 2 attacks the livers of adult birds, who die within 24-48 hours of onset symptomes.

For more detailed information, here is a neatly compiled list.


Watching xena
Heartwarming reunion and disturbing yet sad emotionally charged episode with good effects
Next episode
Xena has lice she refuses to acknowledge and Gabrielle has a raging foot fungus she wont stop showing people

anonymous asked:

I seriously feel sorry for the girls in SnK world who have to go on an Expedition but are on their period. How would they handle it? I mean, in our world, we have menstrual pads/tampons, but what would they use?

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

I imagine they have medical remedies for pain and a few forms of femanine hygene products made from cotton and/or wool but, I headcanon that women on their periods can opt out of an expedition if they request to because trying to pull off major 3DMG maneuvers and slaying titans while in extreme pain could actually put their life at serious risk. Plus, I think they only take around 100 soldiers with them per expedition anyways when there was is around 300 soldiers in the SC branch. 


Nasty Mingyu is a meme that is noticed by Carats (SEVENTEEN’s Fans) and it’s due to Mingyu’s behavior.

The behavior is that he is really un-hygenic because when he sneezes he usually wipes it on a member’s shoulder or keeps on doing what he is doing, Carats found this disgusting and nicknamed Mingyu “ Nasty Mingyu”

This meme started around Mansae Era because in backstage videos he was “Digusting”

BONUS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/AdmmJzcSwtc

|| SUGGESTED BY: ariematia + Suggested the video||

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you know you are bad at hygene when u brush yr teeth for the first time in like 2 months and the spit is grey when ur using. non colored toothpaste and you havent ate anything like that…..