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how does the feudal relationship work when a vassal has titles in multiple kingdoms? do responsibilities to multiple monarchs become hierarchical in some way, or do you just have to balance all of them?

Well to explore a pure hypothetical…What happens when a vassal in one realm becomes a sovereign in another? Is that vassal still a vassal? Or are they an equal monarch?

Ok, just for the sake of argument, let’s call the vassal Filliam of Schnormandy…no, that’s too obvious, how about Kenry the Second of Hingland…no, still too on-the-nose, ok, how about Nedward the Third Kantagalant?  

But seriously folks…the answer is it doesn’t and you get wars for hundreds of years, some very unkind words about national cuisine, hygenie, and culture, and then a lot of nationalist slap-fighting at international meetings for a couple more hundred years.

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Since this is on my personal blog, I’ll list two things about myself but if you want IC answers do let me know!

1- one of things I’m shameful of myself is that my horrible teeth hygenie, I haven’t brushed much and even though I got more than few teeth taken out I still fail to keep it up. I’ve been trying to get into habit but lately it’s been difficult to do so. Will be trying tho.

2- I’m not too bothered about holiday events. The only one I’m bothered is Christmas, any other events and I’m like *shrug* hahaha.


Got Soap? A Volunteer in Peru put together this great tutorial on how to build your own soap dispenser! 

Materials : 2 liter soda bottle, 3 liter soda bottle, 1 “closet bolt” or other bolt (1/4”x 2”), 5 of ¼” nuts, 2 rubber washers, Africano contact glue, screw(s) to attach holder to wall. Drill & bit.

Remove bottle labels and cut off both bottle bottoms. Cut off top of the 3 L bottle, about 2” from cap, so that it creates a 2” diameter hole.

Mount the inverted 3L bottle on a wall or suspend by string as standard Tippy Tap.

Drill a clean 3/8” hole in the center of the 2 L cap. Smooth edges with steel wool or sandpaper.

Plunger assembly: Thread all nuts up to the bolt head, glue one rubber washer to inside of cap and the other to underside of bolt head (or nut), (contact cement MUST be slightly dry before assembly). Slide open end of bolt through cap hole and thread on bolt cap. 

Put the cap on the 2L bottle and insert entire unit into the 3L holder.
Fill with liquid soap (thicker the better). Coat the 2 washer contact surfaces with Vaseline for better seal.

Hand Sanitizer

I have already described how non antibacterial soap does not kill germs but merely suspends them in water so they can be rinsed off. Moreover, many antibacterial soaps only keep bacteria from multiplying and often do nothing to viruses. Alcohol kills germs by rapidly drying and in the process actually destroying the bacteria and viruses in the process. Moreover unlike antibacterial agents alcohol does not lower the effectiveness of other antibacterial agents leading to super germs because its action is mechanical in nature actually pulling the microorganisms apart physically.

Alcohol can be an irritant and a drying agent leading to chapped or dry skin if used frequently. Gel type sanitizers reduce this effect by adding aloes to the gel. They can be expensive if you use a lot of the stuff. All sanitizer is is alcohol and gel made from  carbomer and triethanolamine the same ingredients found in cheap hand moisturizing gels. To make your own all you have to do is buy some generic aloe gel and add upto 60% rubbing alcohol (ethyl works best) more or less depending on your skin sensitivity and dryness. The resulting gel is about 1/3 the cost of Purcell and can be adjusted to your skin type.

This gel takes 15 seconds to kill all the surface germs so rub thoroughly for at least this long covering the entire surface to be sanitized.

I loveeeeeeee a man with GREAT hygenie !! Biggest turn on I swear

He always
• smell good
• got a fresh hair cut ( face too )
• teeth & breath stay A1
• etc..
Looooooord 😍😍😍😍


no offense but this is the best rap song ever made about personal hygiene