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hey babe. Do you know where the masterlist to twitter username prefixs are??? ex: crtl, atl, hyf, delete, etc???? I’ve been looking for it and I can’t find it. Help please?????

I know what you’re talking about and I’ve seen it once but I can’t find it and I wouldn’t even know where to start looking. HEY RPC DO YOU KNOW WHERE THIS MASTERLIST IS? I’ll love you forever?

Dope article in Metro about some of the excellent Ottawa acts playing Bluesfest this year including myself:

“His music reminds me of Gift of Gab, J Dilla, Jurassic-5. He’s really sharp and uses incredible and intelligent lyrics and catchy samples. It’s conscious hip-hop, but not overdoing it. He’s a bit of a perfectionist. This guy doesn’t put out anything that isn’t incredibly well crafted. He is going to shape his vision and execute that throughout the show. He is one to watch. It’s worth it to go early for this show.”

Thanks to Kelly Symes for the mention and Trevor Greenway for the write up. http://metronews.ca/…/ditch-the-lawn-chairs-and-check-out-…/

Catch me, Hyf, DJ 2 Creamz and Jeepz at Bluesfest on July 11th, 4PM Claridge Stage.

4 Person Instant Automatic Family Dome Tent F/Camping Hiking Outdoor Rainfly HYF at Tactical Gear Zone -> http://t.co/scO6wLQBbH #tents #…

4 Person Instant Automatic Family Dome Tent F/Camping Hiking Outdoor Rainfly HYF at Tactical Gear Zone -> http://t.co/scO6wLQBbH #tents #…

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June 25, 2015

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June 25, 2015 at 01:23AM
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so yeah my band’s sounding a lot better now that we added Zak on guitar. we completely revamped 2 of our songs and they sound great cuz we’re layering more complicated rhythms with the lead guitar accenting Josh’s rhythm. we’re still not practicing efficiently though…

we gotta work together not argue. and respect each other. people keep playing instruments when someone’s trying to talk and it wastes time. also we gotta practice more often and more consistently. we should fuck around AFTER practice, or before. not during… 

i mean messing around during practice is fun lol but we have a show Monday and we always procrastinate. we could have a solid 6 original songs by now….but we only have like 3. 

oh god this turned into a small rant by accident


I THINK THAT i need to reread all of tias and get hyped about it again

ive sorted out that i need to rewrite a huge chunk of the end of hyf act 1 and that hasnt been helping my motivation at all lmao

Today's been eventful as fuck

it’s been a long day guys

my 4th hour teacher basically called me a failure

my band started recording our demo

my dad randomly bought me condoms

i went to the bank and put cash in so now i can buy shit online like sunfest tickets (DAYGLOW MUTHAFUCKA)

Today was mostly great

except fourth hour

fuck that