The terms Alpha and Female don’t go together. Even in the animal world the females know their place (except for Hyenas)…

Manslation: Human women who don’t “know their place” are HYENAS should conduct themselves like I think all the other animals do because I decided their place is below me. I have based my entire worldview on my interpretation of the hierarchy of creatures in Disney’s The Lion King. People keep telling me “that’s not how it works, that’s not how any of this works” but I get all my info from CompleteBullshit dot biz so pretty sure I know what I’m talking about.

An OC art. I haven’t done this… well, may years ago, when I was only testing how digital drawing works. This is my favorit original character of my original dark fantasy story, which I sometimes start to write and then restart again…
Anyway, this guy is Garm. I know he has the same name the well-known hellhound of Hel, but I gave him this name by accident.

Some hyenas and an African wild dog I sketched yesterday–trying to get back into the swing of art after working on less-drawing/more-typography stuff. That top one kind of sums up how I feel about sketching right now. ;P

Sketches, 2016. I hope I can finish one in this year ^^’

1, Garm, a villain(ish) character from my fantasy story.
2, Joey and the Bonnies (FNAF)
3, Baby kidnapping the little girl (Fnaf)
4, Funtime Freddy (FNAF)
5, Undyne & Alphys (Undertale)
6, Frith and Inle (Watership down)
7, Chara vs Sans (Undertale)

I plan to draw some of the Undertale characters too in their battle forms  :)


Hyena’s are bat doggos