hyena sisters

This is Winthrop. He’s a pretty happy guy. 

Well. For now. If he keeps mugging for the camera instead of getting in there  and eating something, he’s gonna be a hungry guy. 

His sisters, Wendy and Willow, have no such compunctions. They are going to town on some prime fresh kill.  Also Winthrop teased them a bit too hard the other day, so they’re not feeling super generous, just now. 

The wheel don’t stop turning, Winthrop. Get in there, buddy!

Your Fault: Anti Prt 2

I seem to have lost the ability to write short chapters for this. Not that any of you are complaining…..right?

I was a lot happier with this one since I was able to show case Dark and Anti’s inner dark traits a lot easier. Hope you all enjoy! And sorry for any typos. Also at times Anti and Dark will have their words “Like this” because I wanted to emphasize the fact that they’re voices are going darker and more twisted like how we know them to be from the videos.

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