hyena puppy


Finally selling some adoptables!! They don’t have set genders or names, that’s all up to the buyer!
Please DM me or email me at elegantlyangsty@gmail.com if you’re interested in buying one.

~Prices down below~
Lion: $10
Pointer Puppy: $10
(Large) Rat: $10
Raccoon: $10
African Wild Dog: $10
Skunk: Owned
Hyena: Owned
Bull/Cow: $10

anonymous asked:

Would you do the Sand sibs 2.0, please?

Ofc I live for these kiddos!


• sexual orientation headcanon - Lesbian
• gender headcanon - Cis girl
• mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon - Anger management and Trust issues, Obsession with hoarding objects and food for a later date
• 3 random headcanons - She is an eternal flame baby!!! Yodo has a huge soft spot for all animals, a snake? Scaly puppy, a hyena? Sharp but good doggo. If you mess with her brothers or her fam then you’ll answer to her fists.


• sexual orientation headcanon - Ace
• gender headcanon - Cis boy (or possibly??? Agender bc I love both hcs)
• mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon - Has PTSD and mild Depression linked to his past / Autism
• 3 random headcanons - He hums and taps a lot when stimming. He generally avoids looking ppl in the eye for longer than necessary and was partially mute for a long while, even now it’s hard to get much out of him unless it’s on his terms. Shinki rly likes spending time with Gaara in the greenhouse looking after the plants when his father has time.


• sexual orientation headcanon - Pan or Demi!
• gender headcanon - Demiboy
• mental illness / neurodivergen headcanon - Has severe Pyrophobia that mixes with his PTSD, Anxiety / Dyspraxia
• 3 random headcanons - Araya is an actual sweetheart and loves having tea parties with Himawari whenever his team visits Konoha. He is a huge worrier and because of his awful memory, has to triple check that he and his fam have everything they need when going out anywhere otherwise he will go into Panic Mode. Araya likes hanging out with and watching Kankuro work on his puppets in his workshop as a pastime.


Dating Harley Quinn

  • lots of sweet kisses
  • joyrides through the streets of Gotham
  • looting shops 
  • post-mission hugs
  • makeovers
  • you’d probably get a puppy (hyena) ((cough cough))
  • breakfast in bed
  • encouraging her to forget the clown
  • good morning kisses
  • breakfast kisses
  • so many goddamn kisses
  • holding her close when she gets upset or confused
  • having a stuffed toy collection
  • one for every store you two have looted
  • being captured by the Joker just to get to Harley
  • beating the crap out of the Joker since he picked the wrong person to kidnap
  • “ I love you.”
  • you said it first
  • “ Aww, pumpkin I had no idea!”
  • she’d hug you tightly and plant a big red kiss on your cheek
  • it would become a kind of tradition if either of you were going for a while
  • even if you were mad at each otheryou’d still say it
  • you’d comfort her through her nightmares
  • you hate what that stupid clown did to her
  • but you loved her unconditonally

oh wow looks like i did manage to get something done for glitch day

aoooo is best glitch wolf striped hyena puppy girl