hyena bellamy


I couldn’t sleep last night so I drew these on a whim. Bartolomeo as a lion with bonus Cockatiel form (I regret not drawing him as a rooster!), along with Bellamy the Hyena as a Hyena. While studying Bellamy’s design I can’t help but think Oda really did design him with a Hyena’s shape in mind - ignoring the obvious tousled hair and grin and laugh, he also has big shoulders and small legs, similar to how Hyenas are taller in the front and shorter in their hind legs with a sloping back. Add in a thick neck and some circles you have the human embodiment of a hyena. 

one piece highschool au where Bellamy, Rebecca, Bartolomeo and Cavendish all go to school together and Bellamy is the school bully who got his ass beaten and becomes Rebecca’s weird older protective brother and Barto becomes Bellamy’s weird overprotective friend and Cavendish somehow ends up going along for the ride and becomes bffs with Barto and Rebecca and they all decide to call Cavendish ‘Cabbage’ because his name ruins the 'B’ theme their names all have (Rebecca, Bart, Bellamy, and Cabbage) and they all decide to have their own movie night every friday and always fight over which movie to watch