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My family at dinner when I’m going into my third rant of the day about the underappreciation that 9muses have recieved for years now and how by now they should be that girl group that sweeps the floor with music show wins during their comebacks but instead they’re still holding out hope that they will get their FIRST win of 7 years despite continually proving themselves worthy of being taken serious as an outstanding group that always delivers each comeback!

Me going into my second main point while everyone’s eating dessert about how Hyemi is the Glue™ that keeps this group together and not just because she is the only member left from the original lineup but because she debuted with this group in 2010 as it’s second youngest member, watched 9 members leave, rose up to become the groups leader, and has put every part of herself into this group since the start and always showed positivity about their situation despite all their hard work still being overlooked…

[9MUSES] Sleepless Night - MV Theories

Ok, so a lot of people had made some theories for the Sleepless Night MV of namyu and I decided to put some of them together here and explain a little bit. So, let’s go.  

The Serial Lesbian Theory

This theory says that Minha is basically a Serial Lesbian. Namyu members are Minha’s ex-girlfriends that are having trouble in forgeting her and Minha is just exhausted of all this. So we have the girls in moments of angst and pain remembering her as they see/use some objects that were some kind of symbol for their relationship. Hyuna’s perfume, Kyungri’s ring, Hyemi’s dress, Sungah’s watch, Erin’s phone, Keumjo’s Lipstick and Sojin’s heels. The MV also show Minha seeing those objects and remembering about them, the girls and suffering about it. But then at the end Minha wakes up and see Sojin (aparently naked) in bed, which mean they slept together; Did Minha choose Sojin after all? 

There is also one scene that we can see Minha in the reflex of Kyungri’s glasses. In this scene Kyungri is sorrounded by men and it seems like she just don’t care about it, she just have eyes for Minha, even having all this men wanting her.

The They are all Minha Theory

This theory says that all namyu members are Minha. After a break up, Minha can’t sleep well and swallowed a lot of pills. So, she just slept. All the members are versions of Minha in several stages of the relationship. We have Keumjo using a lipstick that she doesn’t like just for her boyfriend, Hyemi buying/or just choosing a dress (for a date maybe?), Hyuna using a perfume that she doesn’t like, Sungah drinking too much and having a hangover, Sojin using high heels that she just can’t even walk while using it, Erin calling the boyfriend and he doesn’t answer and Kyungri in the middle of a lot of men wanting her, but she just doesn’t care about them. But then we have all of them moving on at the end, being happy. (You can be free to switch all “boyfriends” to “girlfriends”).

Minha then wakes up and see Sojin in bed. We can say that after Minha swallow all those pills she died and is representing her soul, seeing her body in the bed, a corpse - or we can also say that Sojin is just a personification of what Minha wants to be (we can see that she is using Kyugri’s ring). Or it could be that she just woke up and saw Sojin, a girl that she had slept with that night and can’t remember.

The Scared Minha Theory

This theory says that Minha is remembering her past relationships with the other members. As well, we have the girls trying to forget her and distract theirselves (like Hyemi shopping, Sungah drinking, Erin making phone calls to other people, Kyungri going out with guys, etc.). At the end we have Minha waking up in the morning and seeing Sojin at her side. Sojin could be her current lover (we can see that she is using a ring) and they are happy together. But Minha is scared that her relationship will fail like the others. So we have Minha alone in the white world at the end, even though it was full before.

The Telepathic Theory

This is an theory from netizenbuzz “Hyemi and Keumjo are preparing for their date together, but they’ve had tensions lately so they’re a little upset and not sure what to wear etc.. Hyuna is working late at the perfume store, and she lost track of time picking the right scent for the late night sleepover date with Erin. And she doesn’t realize that her battery is dead and that Erin keeps trying to call her. Sungah and Kyungri recently had a huge fight, after which Sungah went partying on her own and Kyungri called 5 male hookers to try and become straight, but it doesn’t work out and they just doze off in the bed. Eventually the hookers leave and she realizes she still wants Sungah and looks at the ring she gave her. But Sungah is wasted and hurt and thinks Kyungri will never want her back and throws away the cheap friendship watch they bought each other on their first date. And Sojin was also working later at the store, but then she had a meltdown seeing all those high heels, feeling like she’s too short for Minha. and Minha was devastated alone at home, assuming Sojin had left her and took a lot of sleeping pills, which gave her a telepathic connection to her friends and their worries which were revealed to her in the form of presents in her dream. But in the end she wakes up and Sojin is back home. But somehow the presents are still there. Maybe it’s still a dream??"

The Guilt Theory

This is a theory presented by BloodyOrange in a Youtube comment “I belive that the MV actually is about how people deal with break ups. Erin tries to call him all the time, even though he didnt answere the phone, kyungri sleeps with different men, sung ah maybe gets bulimic ( throwing up, looking at herself in the broken mirror so she doesnt see the real image of her), Keumjo wears a lipstic she doesnt like only to get him back, Sojin wears shoes she cant walk on and so on. And i belive that the girls are standing all for one relationship and are the person who someone broke up with. Mina is the person who broke up BUT at the end when mina wakes up and sees sojin next to her, she realizes that she didnt break up with her even so she wants to. I think its about two sides of a break up. The sadness that the one feels who gets rejected and the sadness that could feel the person who wants to break up because she doesnt feel well in the relationship anymore. Since Mina actually wakes up next to sojin i feel like Mina is so restless because she knows that a breakup would be so horrible for her partner that she feels a massive guilt towards her.  That also shows the scene when she plays piano and all the others are behind her in her imagination but when she turns around they arent there anymore. So she feels the looks of all the sad girls who got dumped by the partner in her dream wich gives her even more guilt.” 

The Mistake Theory

To short it all and skipping to the end, after a farewell Minha ends up making some mistakes. She slept with a guy but when she wakes up there is a woman at her side.

These are the main theories that I have seen out there. Personally I believe in The They Are All Minha Theory, what about you? <3

You can ask me anything if you have some doubts about it.