henrylau89: now that it has actually ended…my heart is a little like that. I’m sorry that it ended suddenly everyone!…i wanted to show you more interesting scenes!! ㅠplease anticipate and give the new couple lots of support!and now my friend, yewon-ah!! Thank you for always taking care of me and giving me strength when I was having a hard time! Thanks for buying me porridge when my stomach was hurting that time tooㅠ!oppa is supposed to take care of you more but sorry for only being able to do this muchㅠi will become a really reliable friend from now on!and yewon-ah, don’t cry from now and cheer upㅠ and I love all the viewers always and I want to give all of you hugs one by one. Please keep supporting me from now on too!! If you see me on the streets, please greet me!   cr
flitto message: Hello everyone~ Wow, ‘We are Married’ is over. Um thank you everyone for the big support till now. Uh I am sorry if I made you guys angry or bit jealous. I know that it’s hard watching it(?) as a fan,  cr:  niku37