1. Chrysocolla and Malachite

2.Greenland Sodalite Tugtupite Analcime - UVC

3.California Hydrozincite, Calcite in Dolomite - UVC

4. Malachite “Sun” On Chalcedon Stalactites


6.Peruvian Birite

7.Rockyard Opal

8.Sterlinghill Calcite

9.Titanium crystals

Crystal shapes so elating.. forming caves lighting up as though they were on fire in the UV light some as though they were caves underground reflecting water. 

The very first one looks like you could pick the little blue balls off and they would taste sour and sweet. They look magical and unreal.

The blue crystal structure in the middle looks as though it could be temple of reflection in which you could communicate with higher energies and Gods if it were larger. Not that one couldn’t hold it and do just that with it.  To hold a temple in your hand.

Lava Rocks, these are brilliant.





Mineral Of The Day #92: Hydrozincite

Mohs Hardness Scale: 2-2.5
Category: carbonate mineral
Formula: Zn5(CO3)2(OH)6

Fun Facts:

  • Hydrozincite forms in the oxidation zones of zinc deposits as masses or crusts.
  • Hydrozincite may be present in many specimens, but it is usually unnoticed or assumed to be a more common mineral such as calcite or aragonite.
  • Its color is primarily white to gray.
  • It is fluorescent!