The water deer is native to China and Korea, and it has been introduced to the UK and France. As in musk deer, males of the species have elongated canine teeth. These can be over 2 inches (5 cm) in length, and have resulted in water deer being known colloquially as vampire deer.

Photos, top to bottom: Chinese Water Deer by William Warby, Chinese Water buck by Don Sutherland

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Hi there! Would you happen to know what Ceeps setlist is? I've been trying to find it online but no one seems to have put it up yet. I mean i don't know why I would think you'd have it too but hey, doesn't hurt to ask! Thank you!!

I’m sorry I don’t know it. It’s funny because I was also searching for it a couple of minutes ago. :(


For this ‪#‎lizardtuesday‬, I thought we’d put a smile on that face!

Say hello to Hydropotes inermis, more commonly known as Water Deer, even better as Vampire Deer.
I shouldn’t point this out but it’s too good to pass up: it is a DEER with FANGS. What???
It’s actually a set of tusks only found on males of the species. Indigenous to the areas of China and Korea, but now can be found in the UK, France, Argentinia, and the US through introduction of species into the wild, farms, and zoos. Smaller than a greyhound, they’ve been known to bark, peep, whistle, and click but never to bite.