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Hogwarts Houses As Things My Friends Have Said - Hufflepuff

• “Y'all means all, and that means no one gets left behind.”
•“There was a hole in my pants so I coloured my leg trying to fill it in but now my pants shifted so it didn’t really help.”
• Gryffindor - “How was your nap?”
“Delicious and nutritious.”
•“That car just did a really good nyoom.”
• “When I was a young boy… I was never a boy… That’s a nice story… Goodnight.”
• “What’s crackelacking? My bones, and also glowsticks.”


SWDOI 2015 part 2 of 2

Meryl did her shimmy at the end of the show. It’s really cute! I have a video of it but tumblr isn’t cooperating. I will try later.

We saw Meryl’s parents by the tables near the concession stand before the show so we knew they were there. She has such supportive parents to be in Miami and now here. When I got to my seat, they were seated a few rows in front of me on center ice but just before the show started, they moved towards the stage. I guess to be closer to her when she was on stage. As the lights dimmed, I think Jacqui White took a seat beside Cheryl. It was dark so I wasn’t sure but I saw some tweets from Jacqui talking about Bolero so I guess it was her. Also nice to see Meryl’s mom filming her dance with Rumer. 😀 ETA: I forget to add that Sinead and John Kerr are absolutely entertaining! Love their reverse lift where she lifts him. I think that has become a signature move. Tanith and Ben were also so much fun to watch. I have been more and more impressed with Naomi Lang and Peter Tchernyshev’s hydro planing! It seems that they get lower and lower every time I see them.

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Unexpected Christmas || Shay & Robert || V6, W5, Late Thursday Evening

Shay hung up the phone with a smug look. It’s a good thing Liú still owed her a favor otherwise she wouldn’t be getting that huge order of chinese food on Christmas Eve. She grinned to herself, grabbed the two large bags by her door and walked outside with keys in hand, grinning like a fool.

She got to her car and tossed the bags into the back seat before sliding into the driver one, starting the car, and speeding off campus, almost hydro planing on the snow. “Fuck me. Well maybe I should slow down for a change.” she mumbled to herself, hitting the breaks gently and stopping at at red light.

Several moments later, after actually obeying the traffic laws considering the weather, she pulled into her old friends drive way, ran inside and grabbed the food, mumbling her thanks before running back out the door again. “Guess we’re even now!” she shouted over her shoulder before hoping in and setting the food down on the passenger seat. She started the car back up again and drove off to Robert’s apartment, not able to help the grin on her face. Even if he wasn’t excited at first, he sure as hell was going to appreciate it later.

Another few minutes later and she pulled into his parking lot, jumped out of the car and grabbed all her bags, almost unable to carry them as she made her way up the stairs. REaching his door, Shay kicked it as if to knock since her hands were otherwise occupied. “Open up!”