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Shaving Legs etc

I’ve been asked a few times about shaving my legs, so I thought I would make a quick post on how I go about it.

I start by taking a shower in warm water, the warm water helps to soften the hair making shaving easier and causing less irritation. As part of my initial wash I take the opportunity to exfoliate my skin, I do this using an exfoliating mitt. 

This helps to remove dead skin which can clog pores and lead to spots, as well reduce the chance of getting ingrowing hairs. I have two mitts, a rough one for my body before I shave and softer one which I use on my face but also my body after I’ve shaved.

To make shaving easier I use a conditioner as a shaving cream, again it helps to soften hairs and reduces the friction while shaving. When it comes to razors I don’t use anything special just a standard men’s razor, at the moment it’s a Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5.

I don’t always use a brand new blade when it comes to shaving my legs but it’s still relatively new. You don’t want a blunted blade which might lead to nicks and cuts, not a great look for your legs.

I start shaving with the grain of my hair, usually downward on the leg, although it does grow inward on the inside of the leg. I only shave in short strokes, holding the blade lightly, there are so many little bumps on your leg, especially around your knee which you don’t want to catch.

Once I am happy I have trimmed the hair as sort as possible going with the grain, I will then shave against it. If you shave against the grain straight away it can easily lead to irritation of the skin. 

If you’re shaving regularly, every 2-3 days, you might be able to get away not shaving with the grain but don’t over do it, your skin need some rest.

After I’ve shaved I will wash myself down in cold with the soft mitt to remove any remaining conditioner etc. The cold water will help to contract the skin and close your pores, this will reduce the chance of dirt and dead skin getting into open pores and creating spots.

When I get out of the shower I use a body moisturiser to refresh and hydrate my skin.

I would add it’s probably a good idea to not sit down for a while after shaving as I find sitting can clog some of the pores up on the back of your legs and that leads to spots.

I still get the odd red blemish/spots and might use tea tree on them but for the most part it’s a thing of the past. I put that partly down to technique but also down to my skin getting used to being shaved.

Rasoir Wilkinson Hydro 5

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Le nouveau rasoir 5 lames de Wilkinson frappe fort, avec un diffuseur d'hydratation intégré (d'où son nom) et des micros-coussins protecteurs pour réduire les irritations. Le réservoir diffuse un gel enrichi en Aloé Vera et en vitamine E, pour faciliter la glisse et hydrater la peau. Le diffuseur d'hydratation pivote vers l'arrière pour raser toutes les zones du visage. Le rasage est effectivement plus précis et confortable qu'avec le rasoir 3 lames que j'utilisais avant, même dans les zones difficiles. Un bémol : les lames semblent durer moins longtemps, ce qui peut revenir très cher à la longue.

Précision : 4/5

Confort : 4/5

Durabilité : 3/5

Note globale : 4/5

Prix : 9.95€

Bilan : Top