I’m learning everyday a little bit more what it means to be a father…to be a dad. They say life changes after you have a kid, well “they” were right. I’ve chased my dreams halfway across the world, and achieved most of them…but nothing compares to the feeling I get when I hold her in my arms.

The world is still so new to her, the details that we ignore are still a whole new door of experiences for her. So curious, so determined, so persistent..and she chose me to be her dad. How dope is that..

As she grows so do I, and the world will spin and evolve into a place where the memories that I had as a child will only be pages in her history books.

It’s fun, it’s difficult…but above all it’s worth it. Apart of me is crawling and talking and learning about this planet we inhabit call earth. For the rest of my life, she’ll be my biggest inspiration, my dreams in human form. My Maya.



📷: Awol Erizuku