hydraulic disc brakes


The Legend comes in two different builds. One with fully hydraulic disk brakes and designed in partnership with Ashima. 160 mm rotor on front, 140 mm rotor in the rear. The other is with TRP TTV rim brakes and TTV brake levers. 

 Culprit Legend is the first bike in the world with a front triangle design and no seatstay. It was designed with rider comfort and aerodynamics in mind. It is also the first Tri bike in the world with front and rear disc brakes. Culprit partnered with Ashima to develop a fully enclosed hydraulic disc brake. There is no other Tri bike on the market like the Legend.

A Weekend of Fun!

a) Starting my taxes! Hello new tax bracket! Why sure, I would love to give you more of my money, but really, do you need so much more that I actually make less money this year compared to last?

b) Failing at bleeding hydraulic disc brakes! This is my first try, and it’s been about 3 years since I’ve felt this much inner frustration while working on bike stuff. This is a whole other level of ugh. And because I failed at it, that means I have to do it again!

c) Learning German declension! Das Mädchen gab den Löffel des Mannes zur Frau.

d) Money Markets with Mom! This used to bore the piss out of me, but now I’m starting to barely understand how interest/stocks/cds/bonds etc. work, so I’m taking a mild (very mild) interest in it. We managed to hammer out a flexible 1 year plan that should be putting my money to work for me.

e) Another mild success was that I learned that Schrödinger’s Cat–the idea in quantum physics that a cat inside a box can be both alive and dead at the same time until the box is opened–is not actually something Schrödinger believed. He made this statement to illustrate the ridiculousness of the idea of the Copenhagen theory of superpositions.

I always thought this was a true concept that I just couldn’t wrap my brain around. Turns out there was a reason for that.